Berks County real estate transactions for April 17

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to recorder@countyofberks.com.
Albany Township
Shannon M. Keller to Patrick S. Conrad, 3327 Rte 737, $174,900.
Amity Township
Elizabeth A. Blank Estate to Amy E. A Pugh, 62 Monocacy Creek Road, $1.
Shane Robert Reustle to Douglassville Riverfront LLC, 1972 Ben Franklin Hwy, $1.
Shane Reustle to Douglassville Riverfront LLC, R E. Ben Franklin Hwy, $1.
Kyle F. Rhoads and Justin D. Weatherill to Frank Mazzei and Denise Mazzei, 303 Maplewood Drive, $245,000.
Mary Lou Bentz Estate to Ann B. Weinsteiger and Kathleen J. Bentz, 114 Nickell Drive.
Bern Township
John E. Snyder to John E. Snyder and Penny J. Snyder, 1104 Mill Road, $1.
John E. Snyder to John E. Snyder and Penny J. Snyder, Mill Road, $1.
Sez Properties LLC to Raymond James Short and Ann Short, 423 E. Philadelphia Ave., $299,000.
James H. Mest and Kathleen A. Mest to Kris D. Royer and April L. Royer, 223 N. Reading Ave., $167,000.
Gene C. Gruber to Kevin M. Thompson and Emily Thompson, 641 Rhoads Ave., $240,000.
48-52 Corporation to Hardware Realty LLC, 48 S. Reading Ave. and Boyer Al, $750,000.
Matthew I. Lorah and Jessica M. Lorah to Matthew I. Lorah, 139 N. Walnut St., $1.
Caernarvon Township
Lucy Ann McElroy to Janice E. Witman and Donna E. McElroy and Scott A. McElroy and Lucy Ann McElroy Irrevocable Trust, 1407 Red Hill Road and Red Hill Road, $1.
Susan McKenna to Jana Gurtler and Joshua B. Gurtler, 31 Hunters Hill Drive, $468,101.
Colebrookdale Township
James H. Springman and Kristie O. Springman to John M. Bistrek and Jennifer L. Bistrek, 33 Alans Lane, $236,000.
Anna A. Damico to Anna A. Damico and Michael Santangelo, 20 Alans Lane, $1.
Daniel and Grace Miller Family Trust to Connor J. Longacre and Danielle L. Longacre, 90 Willow Road.
Maritza Larsen to Vivian M. Larsen and Eric M. Larsen, 1670 Weisstown Road, $1.
Aja Associates LLC to John R. Ball Jr., 626 N. Reading Ave., $290,000.
Cumru Township
Kenneth J. Kaiser Estate to Christopher P. Kile and Michele L. Kile and Stephen Mayo and Shanna N. Mayo, 185 Meadow Glen Lane, $524,900.
Chelsea N. Giacomelli and Skylar A. Luckenbill to Taisha Rodriguez Torres, 624 Sheerlund Road, $170,000.
Douglass Township
Thomas E. Shuhler and Lori J. Shuhler to Thomas E. Shuhler, 408 Colebrookdale Road, $1.
Lawrence Misiura and Rebecca M. Misiura to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Winding Road, $1.
Earl Township
Dana Samsel and Ashley A. Dyer to Ashley A. Dyer, 404 Longview Road, $1.
William E. Campfield and Julianne R. Campfield to Timothy Lightcap and Tiffany Lightcap, 234 Long Lane Road, $190,000.
Exeter Township
Chelsea Cappellano to Zachary Zook, 3212 Perkiomen Ave., $165,000.
Secretary of Housing Urban Development to Pedro Marte, 137 Heidelberg Ave., $125,000.
Nicholas R. Simpson and Monica Simpson to Zachary Ebert and Courtney Sell, 21 Gunpowder Lane, $375,000.
Jlsae LLC to Alexa Gaye Curyk, 230 Alice Drive, $50,000.
Adhk LLC to Mohamad K. Sheriff and Madeline F. Sheriff, 1053 Butter Lane, $264,900.
Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania to William Daywalt and Amanda Daywalt, 351 Fairview Chapl Road, $145,000.
Melissa A. Boulanger and Melissa Bricker and David M. Boulanger to David M. Boulanger and Melissa A. Boulanger, 6003 Farming Ridge Blvd., $1.
Carmeletta May Petrillo Estate to Georgann Ganas, 371 Waterford Lane, $253,000.
Frederick C. Zabodyn Sr. to Jose Lopez, 1210 Schoffers Road, $339,900.
Eshelle Lunow Heimel and Mary Ann Oneil to Eshelle Lunow, 123 E. Main St., $1.
Greenwich Township
Frank C. Granich to Frank C. Granich, 58 Bonaventura Road, $1.
Sandra A. Madeira and Cynthia L. Kershner and Patricia A. Hummel Estate to Sandra A. Madeira and Cynthia L. Kershner, Krumsville Road, $1.
Eleanor E. Trexler to Destiny Marie Schaeffer, 240 S. 3rd St., $118,500.
Hereford Township
Bryon J. Young to Bryon J. Young and Mary R. Young, Hunter Forge Road.
Magdalena Tejada to Jasmin Villanueva, 1402 Liberty Ave., $222,500.
Dale Weyandt to Beatriz Nieves, 1339 Liberty Ave., $79,440.
Joshua Luke Lind and Hilda L. Martinez to Ek Real Estate Fund I. LLC, 1343 Lacrosse Ave., $203,000.
Timothy See Jr. and Stephanie Pentz to Stephanie Lynne See, 1239 Fern Ave.
Dale Weyandt to Jose L. Simo and Mayra Castro Simo, 3223 Marion St., $90,000.
Carmen Judith Olivera to Anthony Kowlessar, Elizabeth Ave., $100.
Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust I and Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb to B. & E Homes LLC, 507 Emerson Ave., $128,260.
Deborah Kopetsky to Santiago Castaneda Nova, 3501 Gray St., $225,000.
Nittany Investors Pa LLC to Miranda C. Speicher, 500 Pine St., $199,900.
Longswamp Township
Geraldine C. Fenstermacher to Joel A. Koehn and Kaleigh J. Koehn, 437 N. Park Ave., $212,000.
Roy H. Rohrbach and Teresa Rohrbach to Roy And Teresa Rohrbach Family Trust, 30 Mabry St. and Clay Road.
Angel Ulloa and Maritza Benitez to Blake Kilbourne, 360 Chestnut St., $160,000.
Lower Alsace Township
George R. Muska to George R. Muska and Kira L. Muska, 23 Old Friedensburg and Old Friedensburg, $1.
Byron J. Curry Estate to Mbc Investment Group LLC, 8 Taft Ave., $125,000.
B. Lee Fassnacht and Constance B. Fassnacht to Glenn Focht, 610 Penndale Ave., $222,500.
Franceschina Bilotta Estate to Nelson Plaza Jr., 805 N. 25th St., $236,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Gregory W. Carder and Kristen M. Carder, 312 Chatsworth Court, $717,104.
Crossley Properties LLC to Susan Umstad Baldwin and Richard Baldwin and Naomi Baldwin, 60 Starr Road, $252,000.
Todd D. Wilson Sr. and Frances L. Wilson to Todd D. Wilson Sr., 24 Illinois Ave.
Grande Land LP to Jesus A. De La Mora Villegas and Erika P. De La Mora, Chasen Court, $899,000.
Maidencreek Township
Lidia Folino to Nelson Ortiz and Maria Guadalupe Avila, 212 Sofia Blvd., $399,900.
Brian R. Keck to Michael Frederick Burger and Lisa Michele Durdan, 333 Henry Drive, $381,000.
Ryan Shoemaker to David R. Faust and Debra A. Faust, 455 Acer Drive, $325,000.
William D. Ouellette Jr. to Kenia H. Batista and Reynaldo Astacio, 125 Millennium Drive, $389,900.
Dennis R. Ulrich to Dennis R. Ulrich, 159 W. Madison St.
Mount Penn
Kim L. Strahin to Narckelys Plasencia Santana, 2419 Cumberland Ave., $177,700.
Juan A. Hernandez Brito to Bethsaida Torres and Alexis Tellez Hernandez, 34 S. 24th St., $165,000.
Dsv Spv3 LLC to Carlos M. Aponte-Santiago and Rafael E. Lopez Ortiz, 2250 Woodvale Ave., $1.
Muhlenberg Township
Debra A. Hinkle and Debra A. Faust to Jeremy Cruz and Stacey Aguilar, 833 Tuckerton Ave., $250,000.
Dary Esther Altagracia Del Orbe Rosa and Dary E. Frias to Logan T. Downey, 1142 Fredrick Blvd., $200,000.
Sean F. Policelli to Debra Marie Mazzone, 2150 Adams St., $65,000.
North Heidelberg Township
Phyllis J. Kissling Estate to James Gregory Yeingst and Lori Ann Yeingst, 32 Lamms Mill Road, $375,000.
Oley Township
Mark G. Sanders and Karla A. Sanders to Mark G. Sanders, 43 Carriage Cr.
Penn Township
Carol S. Lape to Kristin N. Crouse, 15 Penn Ridge Drive, $320,000.
Perry Township
Michael J. Cotto and Tricia O. Cotto to Michael J. Cotto, 32 Waxwood Road, $1.
Larry M. Hettinger and Fay A. Hettinger to Mama Bear Properties LLC, 704 Mohrsville Road, $48,000.
Francis J. Krupinski Jr. to Francis J. Krupinski Jr. and Carole A. Krupinski, 877 Dreibelbis Mil Road.
Keith A. Kellenberger and Joan M. Kellenberger to Fabian Delgado, 407 W. Windsor St., $20,000.
Gabriel J. Gonzalez and Anna Gonzalez to Gregori Burgos, 646 S. 19th St., $210,999.
Rosy Santana to Felix Eduardo Divison Montero and Leopoldina A. Martinez De Divison, 924 Green St., $20,000.
Duane A. Kulp and Angela F. Kulp to Manuel A. Perez and Jessica Y. Perez, 1029 Cotton St. and 427 Maple St., $20,000.
Kelvin Properties LLC to Kelvin L. Penner and Janet Penner, 1568 Mineral Spring Road, $1.
David S. Smith and Alejandro C. Velazquez to Alejandro C. Velazquez, 111 S. 10th St., $55,000.
Aristides Dejesus Reyes and Evelyn R. Oviedo to A & D Real Estate Holdings LLC, 213 Reed St., $125,000.
Thomas J. McDonough to Fatima Abreu, 920 Birch St., $16,700.
Cottage Below LLC to Jose A. Nunez, 515 S. 11th St., $110,000.
Marie A. Check to Marie A. Check and Cynthia A. Auman, 948 N. 12th St., $1.
Berks Equity Holdings LLC to Rafael E. Delgado Pena and Maria M. Pena Quinonez, 1750 Haak St., $129,900.
Wendy S. Strupp to Mp Multi Service LLC, 946 N. 12th St., $85,000.
Edwin D. Cintron to Gabriela Diaz-Gallardo, 912 N. 11th St., $120,000.
Mary A. Skimski and Robert J. Skimski to Alejandro Fonseca, 1534 Mulberry St., $90,000.
Bernard C. Antoine to Mercedes S8th LLC, 245 S. 5th St., $95,000.
Ramon Rodriguez to Pedro M. Plasencia, 1265 Cotton St., $80,000.
Sharon K. Suruskie and to Rlk Realty Company LLC, 1013 N. 12th St. and 427 Maple St., $90,000.
Sharon Suruskie to Rlk Realty Company LLC, 739 Birch St., $80,000.
Steven F. Suruskie to Rlk Realty Company LLC, 650 Mulberry St., $55,000.
Jorge Quinones to Bibi Safia, 414 Little Maple St., $200.
Olga Sovgyra to Jason Snellbaker, Monroe St., $600.
Antonio Quijano to Alejandro Ramirez, 414 A Little Maple St., $100.
Steven Suruskie to Rlk Realty Company LLC, 546 Wunder St., $55,000.
Crystel M. Gomez to Reading Parking Authority, 813 Eckert St., $500.
Evangelia Tsihlis to Reading Parking Authority, 631 Mulberry St., $500.
Pedro K. Feliz Rubio to Reading Parking Authority, 438 Spring Garden St., $600.
Leonardo Solorio-Camacho to Solorio Land LLC, 611 N. 9th St.
Mohamed Sheriff and Madeline Sheriff to Ivonne I. Mateo Valdez, 1342 Good St., $120,000.
Dennis Jon Rivera to Soranyi M. Lozano-Guzman, 1045 N. 10th St., $64,000.
Angela C. Rodriguez to Reading Parking Authority, 821 Eckert St., $500.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Reading Parking Authority, 817 Eckert St., $500.
Pedro K. Feliz Rubio to Reading Parking Authority, 432 Spring Garden St., $600.
Andrew Weaver to Kevin Zimmerman, 1330 Kenney St., $55,000.
Luis Fabre and Marta Fabre to Reyalis Velez-Monge, 609 Ritter St., $110,000.
Oliver S. Pina and Nedelka Pina to Oliver S. Pina and Nedelka S. Pina, 227 Chapel Tc, $1.
Oliver S. Pina and Nedelka Pina to Oliver S. Pina and Nedelka S. Pina, 519 N. Front St., $1.
Nora L. Kubacki to Nora L. Kubacki and Luis Felipe Archilla-Calero, 1815 Holly Road.
Addj Properties 1 LP to Pa Flipbros LLC, 1014 Pear St., $48,182.
Samir S. Boules and Ferial Z. Boules to Wilfredo Soto and Maribel Moran, 606 N. 10th St., $105,000.
Juan B. Hernandez Estate to Sm Rentals LLC, 619 Tulpehocken St., $55,000.
Guerlens Barreau and Jessie L. Laurent Barreau to Luis D. Laguard Cabrera, 1125 Cotton St., $68,000.
Nazir Ahmed Popal to Brown Acquisitions LLC, 208 Chapel Tc, $63,600.
Emmanuel Mercado to Ramona I. De La Rosa Gomez, 1140 Birch St., $95,000.
Marcella Isett Acosta to Melony N. Oestreich, 639 Church St., $267,000.
Betty A. Canonico and Tui Yoh and Tui Canonico to Tui Yoh and Rose M. Molinaro, 1820 Alsace Road.
Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Jeremy Freymoyer Roth Ira and Jeremy Freymoyer and Jean Freymoyer to McClintic & Caruso LLC, 1047 N. Front St., $80,000.
Roy M. Flowers to Guethson Phaeton and Guetchy Fenelon, 815 N. 4th St., $95,000.
Marc M. McCaulay to Praveen Annapureddy, 942 Birch St., $189,000.
Pa Flipbros LLC to Sandra C. Pena De Taveras, 1014 Pear St., $74,000.
Addj Properties 1 LP to Propertynet LLC, 355 N. 2nd St., $96,364.
Addj Properties 1 LP to Propertynet LLC, 319 N. 2nd St., $96,364.
Kelvin J. Santos Sanchez to Santos Santiago-Caceres, 101 Carroll St., $30,000.
Sheronda Chacon to Dargelo M. Chacon, 1112 Buttonwood St., $1.
Addj Properties 1 LP to Pa Flipbros LLC, 528 S. 6th St., $48,182.
Association of Investors In Real Estate LLC to Erlinda Escobar, 340 Chestnut St., $25,000.
Flavius Burlacu to Waleska M. Delgado Sierra, 471 W. Oley St., $158,000.
Trusted Tasks LLC to Fatmir Demirovic and Hadzira Demirovic, 235 Hudson St., $46,000.
Addj Properties 1 LP to Pa Flipbros LLC, 312 Wunder St., $52,000.
Maximo Uzeta to Jose L. Cabrera-Jimenez, 402 S. 11th St., $20,500.
Jesus Rivera to Alvanelys Brioso Taveras, 340 W. Windsor St., $135,000.
Babana Castillo to Juana Mercedes Fanith and Julio Aristides Almanzar, 512 Moss St., $80,000.
Franklin Ray Kissinger Estate to Lorena Salazar Arroyo, 2285 Berkley Road, $200,000.
Carlos A. Rodriguez Garcia Estate to Mariela Alejandra Ruiz, 521 Marion St., $1.
Addj Properties 1 LP to Propertynet LLC, 621 Willow St., $96,364.
Addj Properties 1 LP to Propertynet LLC, 623 Willow St., $48,182.
Layla Garcia-Flores to Manuel Melendez and Caroline Perez Melendez, 1115 Muhlenberg St., $110,000.
Everett A. Thomas to Pa Flipbros LLC, 235 A N. 10th St., $67,000.
Norton Brothers Properties LLC to Ruth Flores, 2002 Kutztown Road, $58,000.
Juan C. G Sanchez to Marlenny E. Rodriguez Gomez, 1117 Mulberry St., $121,800.
Richmond Township
Scott A. Rohrbach and Jacqueline L. Rohrbach to Aaron L. Rohrbach, 592 Crystal Cave Road and Crystal Cave Road, $1.
Turning Point Investments 2 LLC to Welsh Mountain Rentals LLC, 205 S. Beech St., $465,000.
Gerald K. Stephenson III to John Scott Defrees and Jennifer R. Defrees, 20 Middletown Road, $468,000.
David N. Althouse to Jerome N. Burkholder, 138 School Road and 142 School Road, $370,000.
Robeson Township
Kenneth R. Frymoyer and Michelle L. Frymoyer to Melissa M. Row, 11 Seyfert Drive, $134,000.
Oak Grove Partners LLC to Bryan Proska and Cheryl Proska, Oak Grove Road, $124,000.
D. Michael Chapman and Tara N. Chapman to James R. Baggio and Kimberly F. Baggio, 257 Whispering Pn Lane, $550,000.
Jason A. Krall and Elizabeth M. Krall to Alan J. Cure and Christina M. Cure, 58 Beaver Valley Court, $425,000.
Donald C. Ludwig Jr. to Donald C. Ludwig Jr. and Marie L. Ludwig, 422 Green Hills Road, $1.
Annabelle C. Fancher to Marie L. Ludwig and Donald C. Ludwig Jr., Green Hills Road, $1.
Rockland Township
Dennis R. Evans and Gail S. Evans to Gail S. Evans, 54 Mine Road, $1.
Charles H. Reinert Estate to Edward K. Reinert, 115 Fredericksvlle Road, $1.
Ruscombmanor Township
Michael Corisdeo to Jacob C. Barimani and Jill M. Barimani, 22 Glenview Drive, $516,000.
Eugenie F. Van Werkhoven Estate and Ineke Van Werkhoven Estate to Federal National Mortgage Association, 4166 Pricetown Road, $1.
U. S Bank Trust National Association and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Sharon Gould, 34 Robin Lea Lane, $395,000.
Terri L. Colon to Terri L. Hockenberry and James A. Hockenberry, 32 S. Wyomissing Ave.
Dm Property Management LLC to Josephine Miller, 323 S. Wyomissing Ave., $50,000.
Dale Weyandt to Genaro Salazar-Castro and Juana L. Salazar, 430 Elsie St., $139,000.
Sinking Spring
Edna E. Schaefer to Araceli Guzman-Jimenez and Rene A. Anguiano Ruiz, 43 Octagon Ave., $257,000.
Nicolae Sasaran and Ana Sasaran and Calin Sasaran to Nicolae Sasaran and Ana Sasaran, 269 Mull Ave.
Mervin E. Schroll Estate to Nancy E. Rivera and Ralph C. Rivera, 133 Elizabeth Drive, $240,000.
Monocacy General Contracting LLC to Mariel Gonzalez Montalvo, 125 Elwyn Ave., $175,000.
Domenico G. Gentile Estate to Glenn Kuszyk, 1200 Ruth St., $230,000.
Jordan Lenhoff and Linda Lenhoff to Linda Lenhoff, 63 Michigan Drive, $231,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Michael P. Hohman and Redell S. Hohman to Roman Villasenor Jr. and Karina E. Hernandez Mercedes, 106 Aspen Ave., $237,000.
Daniel P. Miller to Brandon T. Tanner and Mindy K. Brudereck, Cushion Peak Road, $110,000.
William A. Peralta to William A. Peralta and Maria Peralta, 204 E. Clearview Drive.
L. & U Realty to Paumir Holdings LP, 3 Dutch Court, $2,700,000.
Spring Township
Richard H. Derr Declaration of Trust and Darren R. Derr to Khalid Omar Rashid and Rozhgar Shkur, 903 Billy Drive, $355,000.
Sara T. Jockel Estate to Donna M. Gambler-Ritter, 517 Lenore Court.
Dennis Albert Reifsnyder Estate to Craig D. Reifsnyder and Karen D. Reifsnyder-Short and David A. Reifsnyder, 139 N. Cacoosing Drive.
Michele A. McCartney and Dean A. McCartney to Erin M. Heiner, 46 Dwight St., $235,000.
Edward T. Bigos to Kelly Anne Rohrbach, 2513 Garfield Ave., $165,000.
Dennis E. Leiby to Elizabeth Alicea Rivera, Old Lancaster Pike, $500.
Emnem LLC to Creighton P. Stringer and Michele L. Stringer, 203 Oak Hill Lane, $245,000.
Jesus Alberto Cobian and Sandra Cobian to Neda Bazyar Shourabi, 123 Laurel Court, $195,000.
Dennis E. Leiby to Elizabeth Alicea Rivera, Old Lancaster Pike, $500.
Craig D. Reifsnyder and Karen D. Reifsnyder-Short and David A. Reifsnyder to Karen D. Reifsnyder-Short, 139 N. Cacoosing Drive.
Erika P. Delamora to Gary G. Gibbons and Romina V. Pinargote, 1517 Cromwell Drive, $400,000.
Kristen M. Ciabattoni to Kristen M. Ciabattoni and Mauro Anthony Ciabattoni Jr., 1606 W. Thistle Drive, $1.
Kemper Garfield LLC to Jennifer Hamilton-Chandler, 2614 Garfield Ave., $175,000.
St Lawrence
Richard J. Jaskiewicz Estate to Natalie Jaskiewicz, 3501 Pine Ave., $180,000.
Tilden Township
Michael J. Thompson Sr. Estate to Jean T. Thompson, 11 Moonlight Drive, $1.
Union Township
Linda L. Brown to Michael D. Brown Jr., 244 Shed Road, $1.
Vicki L. Jones and Henry Jones to Kristopher C. Simmers, 149 Red Corner Road, $350,000.
Washington Township
Treichler Associates LLC to Paul G. Toub Jr. and Alishia Toub, Kulps Road, $15,000.
Kerensa A. Dempsey to Elizabeth Lynn Royer and Sean Michael Ruane, 275 Anthonys Mill Road, $340,000.
Colin H. Rader and Roxanne L. Rader to Roxanne L. Rader, 94 E. Penn Ave., $10.
Wendy Rakowiecki to Chelsea M. Robbins and Kyle H. Robbins, 82 S. Reber St., $240,000.
West Reading
William W. Damore and Sandra Messner to Michael J. Damore, 325 Kline St., $70,000.
Daniel A. Faust and Jennifer A. Faust to Five Fourteen LLC, 548 Penn Ave., $420,000.
Windsor Township
Debra Ann Williquette to Earl L. Wray, 503 Florence Ave., $125,000.
Carl Vernon Clark to Vitaliano De Los Santos Martinez, 401 Washington Blvd., $150,000.
Sammuel M. Wylde III to Heatherland LLC, Mill Road, $150,000.
Eric D. Fitterling and Lori L. Fitterling to Eric D. Fitterling, 13 Summit Cr, $1.
Frederick K. Hierl to Kyra Spencer Hierl, 58 Woodland Road, $100,000.
David C. Matthews and Deborah J. Matthews to Duff Family Trust, 1547 Reading Blvd., $1,070,000.
Nicolas H. Juergensen to Vasudev Govardhan Magaji and Shwetha Magaji, 154 Valley Greene Cr, $165,000.
Gerald H. Orr and Ida V. Orr to Gerald H. Orr, 607 N. Wyomissing Blvd.
Multiple municipalities
Joshua T. McElroy to Andrew J. Ressler and Kimberly A. Delp, 34 Hauseman Road, $50,000.
Leon T. Whaley to Leon T. Whaley and Theresa Haas, 535 Manatawny Road and Manatawny Road, $10.

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