Berks County real estate transactions for July 31

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Albany Township
Gladys L. Derstine Estate to Anson Dietrich, 2562 Rte 143, $240,000.
Alsace Township
Shawn P. Steffe to Shawn P. Steffe and Elizabeth Daughtry, 54 Alsace Ave.
Frederick J. Hannigan and Suzanne M. Hannigan to Jawad M. Akram and Ahmed M. Sheikh, 21 Oriole Lane, $525,000.
Randall K. Weller and Keith Weller to Eric Keith Weller, 1920 Friedensburg Road, $1.
Leon J. Neiman Estate to Jessica Schlotterer and Ralph I. Lewis Jr., 156 Antietam Road, $350,000.
Amity Township
Aaron V. Simser and Samantha L. Simser to Jonathan T. Moore and Traci M. Moore, 328 Township Line Road, $565,000.
Daniel S. Bryan to Peter R. Wanner, 48 Old Swede Road, $185,000.
Bern Township
Sherri D. Doll to Marta M. Pena, 1442 Blessing Lane, $252,000.
Stephen A. Modrick and Barbara A. Modrick to Bradley S. Hahn and Kasey A. Hahn, 1069 Mahlon Drive, $479,900.
Edward F. Jastrzembski and Joan M. Jastrzembski to Dawn Breisch and Ronald Breisch, 324 Egle Road, $245,900.
Bethel Township
Daniel J. Wilkins and Bonnie L. Wilkins to W. Brett Lowry and Nancy Lynn Lowry, Frystown Road, $45,000.
Ruth F. Stein Estate to Kevin L. Stein, 861 Schubert Road, $1.
Ruth F. Stein Estate to Kevin L. Stein, 891 Schubert Road, $1.
Ruth F. Stein Estate to Kevin L. Stein, Schubert Road, $1.
Michael B. Levengood to Jeffrey A. Graber and John E. Stiver and Linda M. Stiver, 314 Front St., $250,000.
Marianne V. Renninger and Marianne V. Deery to Cullen & Company LLC, 11 E. Philadelphia Ave., $721,000.
Brecknock Township
Lynn L. Rannels Estate and Carol A. Rannels Estate and John B. Rannels to Adamstown Realty LLC, 4 Adams Drive, $100,000.
Frances I. Slabonik and Lori Ann Richardson to Denise M. Smith and Wayne J. Smith, 50 Frog Hollow Lane, $610,000.
Caernarvon Township
Mark Ralph Greath to Mark Ralph Greath, 5525 Morgantown Road, $1.
Joseph Horrocks to Jarred Breidenstein and Lindsay Breidenstein, 270 Maple Drive, $405,000.
Elam B. Martin and Elizabeth K. Martin to Elam B. Martin and Elizabeth K. Martin, 3011 Best Road, $1.
Adele A. Roche Estate to Christian B. Witko, 202 Laurel Court, $230,000.
Centre Township
Scott A. Knoebel and Kimberly M. Knoebel to Scott A. Knoebel, 2009 Crown Mill Drive.
Christel Scheidt and Rita A. Ernst to Gloria Ramirez Baltazar, 400 Schuylkill Hll Road, $200,900.
Colebrookdale Township
Hulett Properties LLC to Timothy Seale and Meridith Seale, 17 Alans Lane, $315,000.
Cumru Township
Chelsea R. Eberly to Melinda S. Gagliardo, 471 S. Wyomissing Ave., $150,000.
Jarred R. Breidenstein and Lindsay Breidenstein to Justin Little and Rebecca Little, 600 Leininger Ave., $298,000.
Stephanie R. Schweitzer to Stephanie R. Schweitzer and Ronald A. Schweitzer Jr., 732 E. Grill Ave., $1.
District Township
Hulett Properties LLC to Jemco Capital LLC, 253 Conrad Road, $225,000.
Douglass Township
Brian E. Kohr and Becky L. Kohr to Brian E. Kohr, 577 N. Sunrise Lane, $1.
Colleen V. Deoliveira and Brian E. Kohr and Becky L. Kohr to Colleen V. Deoliveira and Brian E. Kohr, Poplar Road, $1.
Earl Township
Vicki S. Hoffman to Molly Hoffman and Drew Hoffman, 338 Longview Road, $1.
Exeter Township
John P. Harron and Alexis Z. Luckhart to Mackenzie Focht and Noelle Smith, 4205 St Lawrence Ave., $315,000.
James R. Murray to Jr.m Family Strategic Investments LLC, 126 Wegman Road, $1.
Evergreen Property Trust to 91921 Church LLC, Lebanon Ave., $525.
Argimiro Aragon to 91921 Church LLC, West Ave., $400.
Leonard J. Hamera and Carol A. Hamera to Anthony Thomas Krenn and Katlin C. Krenn, 775 Wisteria Ave., $290,000.
Patricia A. Shappell Estate to Linda A. Grabko, 109 Wood Lane, $1.
David Summers to Julio A. Pacheco Pacheco, 222 Crystal Cr, $335,000.
Zachary G. Kratsas and Sarah M. Kratsas to Aaron Smyk and Jessica Smyk, 141 Schoffers Road, $290,000.
Theresa M. Yasevich to Thomas Albert Shepley, 410 Pineland Road, $185,000.
Greenwich Township
Melinda K. Queman to John A. Queman and Monica K. Rabert, 359 Gun Club Road.
Melinda K. Queman to John A. Queman and Monica K. Rabert, 967 Hottenstein Road.
Melinda K. Queman to John A. Queman and Monica K. Rabert, 411 Gun Club Road.
Melinda K. Queman to John A. Queman and Monica K. Rabert, Gun Club Road.
Tiffany Miller to Tiffany Miller and Tyler Lunger, 801 N. 5th St., $1.
John C. Driscoll to Jackson Stabile and Ellyn Stabile, 813 N. Crescent Ave., $375,000.
Heidelberg Township
Carole N. Forry to Terri L. Gentile and Debra A. Moyer and Timothy R. Forry, 416 Martha St., $1.
Hereford Township
Michael Gergel Estate to Patricia Ann Gergel, 1112 Gravel Pike, $1.
Daniel Ellenberger and Gale Schmidt Ellenberger to Pvb Inc., 23 N. Elm St., $5,116,166.
Kelsi Celeste to Brandon Rodriguez and Emily Prior, 33 S. Whiteoak St., $215,000.
Susan R. Wessner to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, 3 Peach St., $1.
Damarkus Henry Sheridan Milner and Porscha D. Milner to Caitlin K. Atienza and General E. Atienza, 368 Normal Ave., $245,000.
Kathy L. Weidner to Seritta Rios and Eliezar Mendez, 1412 Frush Valley Road and 1412 R Frush Valley Road and 1412 A Frush Valley Road, $190,000.
Bradley A. Binner to Mama Bear Properties LLC, 147 W. Shackamaxon St., $150,000.
Longswamp Township
Kai Liu and Hua Chen and Limin Liu and Lizhu Liu to Michael Ryan, 17 Barclay St., $195,000.
Lower Alsace Township
Ds Group LLC to Louis James Berardi, 538 N. 25th St., $250,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Forino Co LP to Erwin Tan and Dawn Tan, 33 Hubbardton Court, $314,105.
Frode Nordhoy to Giovanni Giannotti, 4903 Penn Ave. and Penn Ave. and Penn Ave., $1,850,000.
Forino Co LP to Thy Ta, 106 Staplehill Court, $305,670.
Joseph Burke and Diane M. Burke to Diane M. Burke, 3357 Harwood Lane.
Maidencreek Township
Christina R. Umstead to Alexander William Brady and Kellie Erin Brady, 546 Wyatt Drive, $250,000.
Marion Township
Amos Z. Esh and Catherine S. Esh to Stevie L. Lapp and Katie Z. Lapp, 1077 Stouchsburg Road, $420,000.
Mount Penn
Francelis Strough to Jose Luis Paulino and Luis Paulino, 416 S. 20th St., $68,204.
Muhlenberg Township
Thang Van Vo and Mai Le Van Vo to Ericka Chauca and Charles Chauca, 600 Georgia Ave., $400,000.
George B. Pfeifer to Joan L. Kerr and John L. Kerr, 26 Turning Leaf Way, $210,000.
Fiorino Grande to John Griffin, Antonio Drive, $421,900.
Ricardo Villasenor to Jose A. Delacruz-Guerrero, 105 Bernhart Ave., $180,000.
North Heidelberg Township
William H. Sweitzer Estate to Wilson Z. Shirk, 476 N. Heidelberg Road, $42,500.
Oley Township
Willis Ray Petersheim and Linda Lucille Shank to Andrew D. Petersheim, 211 Kauffman Road, $1,000,000.
Ontelaunee Township
Jeffrey B. Shott to Charlotte T. Lupia and Derek A. Lupia, 20 Katylyn Lane, $365,500.
Angelica Tapia to Manuel A. Leonor-Matos Jr., 948 N. 5th St., $202,000.
Angelica Morla to Alexis Miliano Nivar, 131 Walnut St., $158,500.
Jose A. Abreu to Marcella Marie Bernhart, 322 W. Green St., $79,000.
Jose L. Irineo to Fermina Celestina Ramirez Ballinas, 727 Locust St., $95,000.
Russell C. Lutz Jr. and Joanne Lutz to Sycamore Investment LLC, 423 Fern Ave. and 425 Fern Ave., $150,000.
Isla Property Management 2 LLC to Mayra O. Pepen Cedeno, 305 N. 6th St., $19,900.
Luis Ortiz Santos and Keisha M. Ortiz to Fernando Estevez-Collado, 434 Bartlett St., $165,000.
Marvin Comond to Golden Circle Realty LLC, 1145 Cotton St., $1.
Marvin Comond to Golden Circle Realty LLC, 338 Pearl St., $1.
Marvin Comond to Golden Circle Realty LLC, 311 Hollenbach St., $1.
Marvin Comond to Golden Circle Realty LLC, 1411 Cotton St., $1.
Marvin Comond to Golden Circle Realty LLC, 315 S. 6th St., $1.
Marvin Comond to Golden Circle Realty LLC, 617 Clinton St., $1.
Lorraine S. Bell to Victor Castillo Tavarez, 1333 Church St., $85,000.
Joan E. Keith to Juan Jose Garcia Perez 1517 Hill Rd 6f, $55,000.
Thomas B. Marsh and Linda J. Marsh to Gabriel Sandoval and Ana Sandoval, 237 Linden St., $86,350.
Able Investments LLC to Domingo De La Cruz 1624 Forrest St., $115,000.
Enrique Peguero to Marcos Miguel Robles Diaz, 236 Hudson St., $1,000.
Donald S. Robitzer to Donald S. Robitzer Revocable Trust, 1428 Mulberry St., $1.
Diana C. Maldonado and Efrain Maldonado to Margarita Agosto, 119 Noble St., $136,400.
Adrienne Roach to Jesus A. Cobian and Sandra Cobian, 1425 N. 13th St., $170,000.
William H. Woolworth III Estate to Md Moniruzzaman, 919 N. 3rd St., $1.
Jean E. Charles to Onesound Mangement LLC, 1446 Cotton St., $1.
Gustavo Ramon Perez and Lissette Tolentino Brazoban to Noel A. Burgos Almanza and Ruth Esther Fernandez Bonilla, 421 N. 11th St., $140,000.
Richard G. Klick Estate to Anthony Kowlessar, 344 Spring Garden St., $500.
Hulett Properties LLC to Frank Lopez-Ocasio, 1629 N. 11th St., $185,000.
Francisco J. Nava to Pedro Obando, 310 Cedar St., $79,000.
Pa Flipbros LLC to A&K Property Group LLC, 734 Lance Place, $52,500.
Clelland Trust to Benjamin L. Arndt Jr., 1415 Meade St., $100,000.
Jeffrey S. Milkins and Steven R. Parker to Gary Colby and Kristyne A. Bullock, 1619 Lorraine Road, $650,000.
Carmeline Robledo to Musa Draga, 1618 Muhlenberg St., $65,000.
Estomin Acevedo to Jose A. Brioso and Victor De Jesus Ramos, 843 Buttonwood St. and 845 Buttonwood St., $10,000.
Diversified Investment Properties Ltd to Meixner Family LLC, 112 N. 11th St., $308,000.
Richmond Township
Donna J. Moore to Troy A. Colvin Sr. and Jeannie M. Hafer, 64 Church Hill Road, $270,000.
Robeson Township
Steven M. Ornosky to Steven M. Ornosky and Sierra Ornosky, 1767 Cocalico Road, $1.
Geraldine M. Burns and Mark J. Burns to Lauren Furtak and Jesse Johnson, 160 Briarwood Drive, $380,000.
Judy A. Jernegan to Hilda I. Hampton and George F. Hampton, 327 Green Hills Road, $71,000.
Mary E. Crouse to Lisa L. Taylor, 220 W. Ruth Ave., $200,000.
Keith A. Edwards and Margaret C. Edwards to Bionojel B. Candelaria and Gabrielle Lucy Geltz, 246 Diplomat Drive, $265,000.
Rockland Township
Matthew G. Silcox and Krystal R. Silcox to Kristopher Parmer, 24 Hertzog School Road, $420,000.
Caitlin Dwyer and Meghan Dwyer-Luckenbill to Brad Luckenbill and Meghan Dwyer-Luckenbill, 48 Lobachsville Road, $10.
Sabrina Fernandez and Orlando A. Fernandez Jr. to Sabrina Fernandez, 42 S. Wyomissing Ave., $1.
Irene M. Dobson to McP Group LLC, 333 Trout Lane, $482,000.
Sinking Spring
Donald S. Robitzer to Donald S. Robitzer Revocable Trust, 3803 Penn Ave., $1.
Donald S. Robitzer to Donald S. Robitzer Revocable Trust, 3809 Penn Ave., $1.
Michael P. Kahn and Christine L. Kahn to Andrew David Hartman and Kelsey Marie Danko, 14 Brookfield Ave., $550,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Matthew D. Furman to Silvano Resendiz Montes and Xochitl Samanta Carranza Fierro, 113 Rosemead Ave., $240,000.
Spring Township
Eaman Family Trust to Angela Feick and Daniel Delia, 215 Wilshire Blvd., $310,000.
John G. Smith to Trent E. Karr, 203 Bainbridge Cr, $245,000.
Joann Schaeffer to Brian Keith Chenoweth and Patricia A. Conlon, 2043 Reading Blvd., $240,000.
Turning Point Investments LLC to Luis Ocampo-Castaneda and Jena L. Rost, 2034 Cleveland Ave., $194,777.
Pamela L. Chandler to Chandler Family Irrevocable Trust, 423 Vinemont Road.
Dennis E. Leiby Estate to 91921 Church LLC, Rockland Ave., $400.
Andrew P. Degler and Marci L. Degler to Christopher Silva, 651 Grings Hill Road, $325,000.
Tilden Township
Lowell E. Bittner to Zachary T. Visgarda and Holly L. Stover, 6 Erin Way, $336,500.
Union Township
Ronald W. Test and Theresa H. Test to Kingdom Foundations LLC, 1360 E. Main St., $110,000.
Benjamin C. Momose and Bethany Momose and Craig Momose and Toni D. Momose to Luke L. Saint, 2109 E. Main St., $305,000.
Jacquelyn Tate to Jacquelyn Tate, 834 E. Main St., $1.
Windsor Township
Jennifer Neiman and Scott Mistysyn to Jennifer Neiman, 952 Pine St., $155,000.
John R. Poff to Cmh Homes Inc., N. 4th St., $64,900.
Warren Jackson Halsey and Beverly Diane Halsey to Thomas Howard Hart and Olena A. Hart, 6 Edgedale Court, $415,000.
Lily M. Pack to Sergio Orama, 1604 Penn Ave., $160,000.
Ryan S. Redner and Christina M. Redner to John A. Panase and Tracy G. Panase, 78 Grandview Blvd., $800,000.
John B. Rothenberger and Gloria B. Rothenberger to William H. Combs IV and Amy Z. Combs, 828 Lauers Lane, $1,525,000.
Multiple municipalities
Carol E. Nies Estate and Carol Elizabeth Nies Estate to Robert M. Yergey and Wendy W. Ellis, 1050 Sterling Ave. and 364 Montgomery Ave., $215,000.

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