Entitled “The Easiest Higher Value Sale Since E-Commerce Was Invented” Offering Integrated Insurance Solutions for an E-Commerce Company Based in Berlin Hakuna has raised €4 million in a seed round aimed at supporting the startups’ further product development, including expanding their internationalization efforts and expanding their customer onboarding process.

The easiest way to describe Hakuna’s proposition is to put it this way: Imagine an AppleCare-like experience, no matter where or in which store you choose to shop. Is it clear? Okay, me too.

Building on the stellar success of the e-commerce industry worldwide, the founding team of Hakuna Sebastian Yost (former CCO of SumUp), Orhan Keroglu (former managing director of abracar), and Rupert Mayer (former product manager at abracar), said earlier this year insurance is the next logical progression of the sector.

And, apparently, they were thinking about money, including customers The watchman, Bicycles for sushiand Office partner have already accepted the platform’s offer, along with several insurance partners who have fulfilled their end of the bargain and flipped the switch live.

While when you think of insurance, sustainability may not be the first thought that comes to mind, Cooraglou elaborated on the additional benefits of products: “Product insurance leads to repair and recycling, which greatly increases the life cycle of products and can make a major contribution to greater sustainability.”

4 million euros Hakuna led in the seeding round An early bird involving existing investors Club of visionaries, Discovery Venturesfounder of Klarna Victor Jacobsonfounder of SumUp Mark Christand other undisclosed angel investors.

About Investing, Earlybird’s Dr. Christian Nagel commented: “We are confident that the Hakuna team, with their shared B2B InsurTech background, commitment to product protection and very high level of professionalism, will be able to enable merchants of all sizes and industries to offer an AppleCare-like user experience. We are happy to support them on this journey.”

And just so it doesn’t go without saying – Matata.


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