Beyond the excitement: a deep dive into the wonderful (but smaller?) World of NFT at the summit

Inauguration Summit the Brussels Expo starts in just a couple of days and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Join hundreds of European technology entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders, politicians, scientists and journalists as we discuss the best way to pave the way for sustainable growth for the #EUtech scene and identify actions to take its innovative startup ecosystems to the next level.

Check the program, the composition of the speakers and the practical aspects here. We also published a handy event guide.

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One of the things we will delve into on the main stage is, of course, the theme of NFT or irreplaceable tokens. It seems air flowing the original NFT bubble, so what happens next?

The future of NFT on the stage of the summit is outlined by:

Brian O’Haganhead of growth’s department Sararethe French startup is revolutionizing sports entertainment by using digital collectibles in its innovative fantasy game (rated in $ 4.3 billion in the last round of funding).

Prior to working at Sorare, Brian was CMO at Coinhouse, a leading platform for cryptocurrency investment in France, and also worked at Dataiku and Airbnb.

Brian is also a co-founder NFT Factorya unique space for discovering NFT, networking and creating projects in the Web3 ecosystem.

Recently crowned one of 16 most influential women in the NFT movement, co-founder and CEO of Olyn Ana Maria Jeep join him to share your thoughts on the subject.

With a technical education and a passion for the history of human progress, for the past nine years Ana Maria has been very active in technology and entrepreneurship, developing solutions in API, Marketplaces and Fintech, and collaborating with leaders in the private and public sectors.

Ana Maria worked in the Mexican government, developing data systems for citizens to improve security, worked as a partner in the HardYaka Fund and is currently a co-founder of the CEO’s Olinwhich helps individuals, businesses and economies thrive in the web3 space.

Also on board: Marguerite de Tavern, a former venture capital investor who became a full-time photographer. She focuses on travel photos and shoots only on movies. Despite such a purist approach, Margarita has kept her foot in the world of technology and creates NFT artwork through a variety of initiatives.

Before devoting herself to the artistic path, she spent 7 years in the technology industry, including 4 years as an early-stage investor in Headline and Cherry Ventures, focusing on consumer models, food technology and sustainability.

The panel will be qualified to moderate Monty Manfordexperienced a technology journalist became an entrepreneur.

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