Bianca Gascoigne is pregnant with her first child Celebrities

Bianca Gascoigne is pregnant with her first child.

The 35-year-old reality star, whose parents are Cheryl and Paul Gascoigne, and her partner Aaron Wright are expecting their first child together, and they paid tribute to the 2007 comedy blockbuster The Packed to reveal the exciting news.

Bianca shared a fake movie created by her brother Regan Gascoigne of the expectant parents lying in bed with junk food and children’s toys around them as a tribute to the Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl film.

She simply captioned the photo: “We will have a child.”

The poster also revealed that her due date is February 2023, and fans were quick to flood the comments with kind messages.

One follower wrote: “Huge congrats B and A!! My heart goes out to you both, hope you’re doing well. (sic)

Another added: “WHAT I PAY (sic)”

And a third fan said, “Congratulations to you both.”

Speaking last summer, before she found love with Aaron, Bianca revealed she wanted to “take the pressure off” by meeting a new man by freezing her eggs as she was single at the time.

She explained: “I’m 35 in October and I’m at the age where women start to worry about their biological clock.”

She added: “I’m definitely looking at the next stage in my life to settle down and have kids, but since I’m currently single it makes sense to do it as a kind of insurance.”

However, a few weeks later she started an affair with Aaron and they became Instagram official last December.

The couple actually met 14 years ago, but she said fate led to their relationship a decade later.

Along with a snap in the past, she previously revealed: ’14 years in the making… One of us is a skinhead and one of us has panda eyeliner, we’re stealing Sheesh’s from people at the Dubai races, we’re drinking pints of baby Guinness 2008.

“We’ve known each other for so long, stayed in touch over the years, met in different countries and now we’re back on the best terms, being the best versions of ourselves for each other.

“The universe had it all planned out.”


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