Big mouth, big lie, big house


In my dictionary, the “big lie” is defined as a gross distortion of facts that is constantly repeated to look plausible, and as a method of propaganda using this tool.

What previous defining moment in American history made Webster see the need to define the term that describes this?

I perceive as God’s providence that immediately after the “big lie” in the dictionary is the “big mouth”. The three entries in front of him are “big house”, slang for a correctional facility.

People must be in jail for rigging the 2020 presidential election in nine different states or for conspiring to overturn legitimate elections decided by the votes of citizens.

The Bill of Rights guarantees the accused the right to confront the accuser (big mouth) in the county or districts where the crime is alleged to have been committed, as well as to a speedy and public trial. And even for the right of the accused to “enjoy”.

William R. Fretz
Perry Township

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