Billie Eilish surprised fans with an intimate Hollywood concert Entertainment news

Billie Eilish surprised her fans with a chamber acoustic performance in Hollywood.

The 20-year-old singer marked the year since the release of her Happier Than Ever album with a surprise acoustic performance for 500 ticket holders at the famous record store Amoeba Music alongside her brother and music partner Phineas.

Billie opened her set with “Billie Bossa Nova” and also performed “TV” before letting her fans name what they wanted to hear next. She eventually settled on “Getting Older” before closing the set with “Happier Than Ever”.

The Bad Guy hitmaker told the crowd: “You guys are just the best. It’s been the most amazing year and you’ve been so sweet and respectful on this album and I just love you!”

Billie recently admitted that her “priority” on tour is to “see the sunlight” as her busy schedule has meant she hasn’t seen the sunlight in the past.

She explained: “You know, we made it such a priority, even before COVID, when I was on tour, doing crazy amounts and pressing all day, both. I would like to not see sunlight for days and days.

“Because it’s extremely simple. You go to sleep on the bus at night in the basement of the hall, drive all night, and wake up in another basement. It really captures you. Even a couple of months ago, I did not see sunlight for three days.

“And so for this tour, this European run that we’re doing now, which is almost over, which has been so amazing and beautiful. We’ve made a huge deal about prioritizing getting outside and getting sunshine and eating and going to the park. We’re playing Frisbee in the park like most days. So, that’s good, that’s good.”


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