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When it comes to the decentralized world of cryptography, few single entities are bigger or hold more weight in the industry than exchange behemoth Binance. The blockchain giant handled $34 trillion in trading volume in 2021, and the exchange shows little sign of resting on its laurels as it makes bold new bets to diversify its business.

At the forefront of these changes is Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao.

The leader, commonly known as “CZ,” has managed to cultivate a celebrity status in the crypto space rivaled only by some of the space’s patron saints, including pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Zhao is worthy is evaluated 65 billion dollars.

We are pleased to welcome Changpeng Zhao TC Sessions: Crypto 2022 in Miami on November 17. CZ will be joining us on stage virtually, and we look forward to discussing global bear market opportunities, the regulatory challenges ahead, and what opportunities are (and aren’t) available in web3.

Binance has been very busy in 2022, even amid falling cryptocurrency prices and macroeconomic uncertainty.

The company continues to diversify its offers and look for new markets. In recent months, state-owned Binance.US has received new investment in an effort to topple incumbents such as Coinbase.

Competitors have also taken notice. And while Binance sits comfortably at the top of the crypto exchange market, rising rivals such as FTX are looking to find new opportunities to increase their market share by pursuing bold M&A strategies and increasing venture capital investments.

The stock market’s explosive growth has also attracted the attention of regulators, particularly in the United States. Bloomberg reported this summer that the SEC was investigating Binance’s 2017 coin offering of their BNB token. The ecosystem is now the third largest non-stablecoin cryptocurrency by market capitalization, worth north of $40 billion.

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