Black and Mobile’s delivery service in Philadelphia is entering new markets Business

David Cabela, co-founder and CEO of Black and Mobile, has expanded his food delivery service to new markets.

The service, which is provided exclusively for black-owned restaurants, now serves New York and Los Angeles eateries.

“I feel that in business you always want to grow and expand, and my mentality is this: we need as many black restaurants as possible on our platform,” Cabella said.

“We want to risk black-owned restaurants. I’ve noticed that regardless of age, regardless of race, most people can’t name more than 10 restaurants that belong to blacks. ”

“I feel that the more restaurants we can bring in, the more restaurants we can help, and that’s our goal,” said Cabella, who launched Black and Mobile in 2019.

“Our goal is to go to every city in the country. We really just need this marketing push. We are just trying to highlight our name. “

The platform serves about 90 restaurants nationwide. Some of the latest restaurants to join Black and Mobile include Cuzin Duzin, Sofia Grace and Cookies, The Nourish Spot, Silver Chicken and Seafood in New York and Original Taco Pete, Sky’s Gourmet Tacos, JR’s BBQ, Fresh & Meaty Burgers ( Carson and locations in Los Angeles), Vegan AF, Jackfruit Cafe and Smakk’d Refreshers in Los Angeles.

“Working with BAM is very good with Hott Chixx Wings and my personal mission to build an economic community with businesses in marginalized and undervalued groups,” said Fastoria Dumas, owner of Hot Chixx in Atlanta, in a press release.

“David’s personal commitment to providing first-class services supports my personal commitment to producing first-class food. We iron sharpen iron. Together, we are changing the business landscape of black people in America. ”

Kabela says that gaining the trust of restaurant owners is the most difficult aspect of entering a new market.

“I think the hardest part of the expansion is the people who know about you and trust you,” said Cabella, a former food delivery driver at Uber Eats, Postmates and DoorDash.

“For example, everyone is used to all these other services that exist. I go to these restaurants and they don’t know me. I have to have everything that all the other guys needed to improve. We have to prove ourselves. I feel that this is the hardest thing for the restaurant. “

“Now on the part of consumers and for drivers, I don’t feel it’s so hard to find people who want to support what we do because people like the fact that we support restaurants that are owned by blacks,” he continued.

This latest expansion comes after the company is resuming services in the existing markets of Atlanta, Baltimore and Philadelphia in partnership with Pepsi Dig In.

Pepsi Dig In is a long-standing platform that simultaneously encourages people to double their support for black-owned restaurants, and invites black restaurateurs to use the various resources, mentoring, and training made possible by PepsiCo.

“Pepsi is coming and helping us grow and really survive some of the blows we’ve taken on as a business,” Cable said. “I’m grateful for that.”

Due to technology problems, the Black and Mobile platform was closed from December to February 1. Technological problems have negatively affected the platform, leading to a loss of revenue.

“This is what hurt us the most last year,” Kabela said. “I feel like we’ve always had people who knew us, supported us and wanted to try, but if they try and it doesn’t work, it’s the fastest way to lose customers.”

It now encourages former customers to try the app again as the service has been updated.

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