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NEW SHOREM, AR (AP) — Authorities in Rhode Island’s tourist hotspot Block Island have voted to suspend the liquor and entertainment licenses of a beach resort that has been a brawl at a crowded music festival earlier this month, which was later followed by a brawl on a ferry to the mainland.

The New Shoreham Board of License Commissioners unanimously approved a motion to suspend Ballard’s Beach Resort licenses for 14 days after a six-hour hearing Monday.

Ballard’s allowed a disorderly conduct, inadequately guarded event and endangered public safety during the Aug. 8 reggae festival, the council said.

One person was arrested during the fight outside the resort, where former interim police chief Peter Schaab testified that people climbed over fences to get into the festival without checking bags or IDs.

After the festival, he said, more than 3,000 “hot, tired, frustrated” people took ferries to Narragansett. Seven people were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer after a fight on board one of the ferries.

The police, who had arrived by boat, jumped aboard and searched the ferry for weapons.

Ballard owner Steven Filippi said during his testimony that he had hired extra security, had never had a problem at the 6-year-old festival before and blamed the problems on a small handful of people. He said he has no control over what happens on the ferry.

Filippi’s attorney said there was no evidence that Ballard consumed excessive amounts of alcohol or served to minors. He did not say whether there will be an appeal.

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