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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Blue Bloods Season 12 finale “Silver Linings.”]

So far Blue blood it may not be the kind of show that ends the season with a major moment, but it still gives a strong finale, particularly the 12th season of exactly what you expect when tuned in to CBS on Friday night.

In “Silver Linings” Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is the one in the middle when Frank (Tom Selek) at a press conference calls on her boss Crawford (Rosilen Ruff) for his opposition to the imprisonment of those she considers non-violent criminals. Although he did not name Erin – although a reporter says his daughter works as the head of Crawford’s office – Frank believes the ADA, elected officials and civilians should speak out.

Meanwhile, Danny (Donny Wahlberg) and Baeza (Marisa Ramirez) Murder and Jamie InvestigationWill Estes) and the search for Joe Hill (Will Hochman), a girl who became a victim of human trafficking, eventually led to the same vehicle, and the four merged. One of them requires an amazing personal twist. Also, Anthony (Stephen Shiripa) kills the desired, very Ragan’s rare invitation to the family dinner table.

Read on to find out how the season ends.

Mother and daughter

Elena Marquez (Anelise Sepera), pregnant, leaves witness protection to check on her mother, only to hear someone break in. She calls Danny, but until he arrives, all he can do is see how the house exploded when she opened the door. She dies, but doctors managed to save her child. It may not be a coincidence that Arthur Munoz recently posted bail, and security footage near Helen’s house shows two men in ski masks sitting in a car reported by Munoz as stolen.

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Meanwhile, Jamie and his nephew Joe team up for a raid that should be simple, but it will lead to Margo’s mother (Greta Kispe) trying to find her 14-year-old daughter Soli (Kindra Sanchez). who fell victim when they crossed the border. On the day that was supposed to be a weekend for Jamie, he and Joe track down coyote Carlos (Julio Cesar Ruiz), who took Soli away. In doing so, Joe wonders if it is true that his father would have insisted that they get married if his mother had told him she was pregnant. Without a doubt, Jamie confirms that his late brother. And he can’t help but wonder if Joe Reagan could have behaved differently at work if he knew he had a son. But they will never know if he is still alive.

The moment Jamie and Joe follow Carlos, going to detain him for driving a stolen car, Danny and Baez appear after the same car for their investigation. They take Carlos into custody and find a dead teenager (not Salt) in the trunk. It turns out he was just cleaning up after Munoz, and they agree to try to make a deal with him if he tells them where Soli is. She will sort the drugs after sending, he admits. But when they arrive at the warehouse, Soli is the only one to go outside – with a bomb!

With the blast detachment too far away, and the clock was ticking, Danny takes responsibility for disarming him and tries to send at least Baeza and Joe back. “You have two Reagans here, talk to us,” Danny tells Detective Georgia (Tony Crane). “You have three Reagans,” Joe corrects him. He will not go anywhere. Danny is successful, and Jamie is the one who brought safe Salt to reunite with his mother.

Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan and Andrew Terrachan as Sean Reagan in Blue Blood

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Danny then heads to the hospital to check on Helen’s baby, and Baez is already there, holding her in his arms. He tells her that Munoz is facing federal charges and will never be released from prison again. He also confirms that after the explosion he called a “doctor” and not an “ambulance”, because it reminded him of Private Patricia Murphy, whom he lost in a similar way. No one from Helen’s family spoke out to adopt her child, Danny notes, but he heard it was done by one of the heroic detectives who caught her mother’s killer. “She’s very lucky to be a damn mother,” he said. Baez couldn’t stop thinking about her when he saw her, she confirms.

Getting on the same page

Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Badilla (Ian Quinlan) first encounter Newler (David Calloway) when he keeps the store owner on a knife. He was arrested, but because he did not physically attack anyone, the knife was not included in the complaint and he is not even going to be accused of resisting arrest. Eddie is disappointed while Badila shrugs … until he has to shoot Neuler during their second meeting with him when he kills a woman. (Both will be fine.) Then Badila admits that Eddie was right.

Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan in Blue Blood.

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Caught in the middle

Erin confronts her father about calling her boss, but Frank claims he’s not the one who put her in the middle. He does believe that it is time for her to call Crawford if she disagrees with her policy. He thinks he would be able to listen if someone close to him did it and he was right, so why not see if he can DA?

The question of how Erin will become a DA arises again, and although Frank may insist that he will never want any of his children to make an important decision based on what he thinks – he told Jamie the same thing – she shows that it is difficult to ignore his opinion. Frank thinks she’s afraid of winning and all that has to do with it. In fact, when he and Crawford meet, Frank even wonders why he wouldn’t want his daughter to work: he struggled with all the DAs he worked with.

Erin is disappointed with the whole situation and speaks to Anthony, who notices that she may complain that her father was too involved in her life and too worried, but he left when he was a child. He and his mother rarely had a “family dinner.”

Tom Selek as Frank Reagan in Blue Blood.

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Crawford then spoke to the press and called Frank for having “broken windows”. “Reagan’s name is synonymous with law enforcement, but we may need to look closely at alternatives to the old order,” she said. Henry (Len Karyu) comes in to include himself in his son’s working life without an invitation after talking to Erin. As Henry recalls, he said nothing about the fact that Frank took office when he resigned, and the job of commissioner was possible for his son.

Erin tries to explain to Crawford that who her father is does not affect her work and what she thinks about her boss’s mandates, but prosecutors don’t seem to accept that. She then tries to explain her situation to her father. As Erin reminds him, she is the only person at the family dinner, except for her son Danny Sean (Andrew Terrachan), who is not a police officer, and every week she listens to everyone unload in the prosecutor’s office. But although his department is far from perfect, she does not speak about it publicly, out of respect for him. Frank agrees to warn her if she will call her boss in the future.

Erin then shares that the reason she is not running for DA is not that she is afraid of winning. “It’s because I’m afraid of losing,” she says. “And it’s your fault. For raising me with three brothers. “

Another special Reagan family dinner

Then, at the last family dinner of season 12, which was attended by Anthony and Joe, Erin reveals that she is throwing her hat in the ring for DA. Why did she decide to run? “I think I realized that one of the reasons I didn’t participate was that I was afraid of losing. But I think that if I have your love and support, I will be invincible, ”she explains. “He spoke like a real Reagan,” Danny says.

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