In the 60s Dylan’s not quite head-on: “Honestly, Miss Scarlett, I don’t care” also comes to the quote. And finally, do it – moving into the 70s, and back and forth – Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Knicks, Don Henley and Glenn Frey, Dickie Bates of the Allman Brothers Band, “Only the Good Die Young,” “A Nightmare on the Street.” Elm “Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Art Pepper, Oscar Peterson, Stan Goetz,” Charlie Parker and all this junk “, Net King Cole, Marilyn Monroe, John Lee Hooker, Wolfman Jack, Patsy Klein, Houdini,” Wake up, little Sue “,” Let the good times roll “,” Old stern cross “,” In the deaf dock “,” Venetian merchant “,” Memphis in June “,” Moonlight sonata “,” Play me Misty “,” Lonely to the top “and” Lonely to the top “and” Lonely brave.

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