Branch playwright James Ajames won the Pulitzer Prize

The Ijames had little time to process a landmark victory. He received the news of the award on Monday afternoon while attending a demonstration of his graduates ’work in Vilanov.

The next morning he rushed to the Wilma Theater where he directs the rehearsal of the future play “Fair View”, who, coincidentally, received the Pulitzer Prize in 2019 by author Jackie Sibles Drury.

“I’m actually glad I have a job because otherwise I’d be sitting somewhere, you know, admiring it,” Ijames said. “I hope to get to the point where I don’t work that much, but I like it.”

James ’idea of ​​reinterpreting“ Hamlet ”grew out of a college assignment in the theater that he was given many years ago to work out a single scene from“ Hamlet ”. He chose the second scene from Act 1, the court scene where almost all the main characters are present.

“At this point, the whole show can happen,” he said. “My play is, in fact, a court scene, and then I’m just smashing all the other parts of Hamlet at this point.”

After the early version of the play, the first staged reading was given The Azuka Theater in Philadelphia through its New Pages writers workshop, Ijames saw that his idea could have legs. He turned Shakespeare’s famous tragedy into a comedy about how trauma is inherited through family generations.


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