Brandywine Valley SPCA receives $ 1.5 million grant to save pet lives – Daily Local

Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA) received a $ 1.5 million grant from the national nonprofit Petco Love to support their animal rescue work in Delaware and Pennsylvania. This is the largest grant received in the history of the BVSPCA, and one of the largest grants awarded to Petco Love.

A $ 1 million grant will be applied to the new BVSPCA campus in New Castle, Delaware. The new campus, which is expected to open later this summer, is expanding the former veterinary specialized center with new shelters to form a nearly 20,000-square-foot animal welfare center. The new center will be the region’s first Intensive Care Unit (ICU), it will double the organization’s ability to provide low-cost veterinary care to family pets, and improve shelter housing with features such as outdoor catios, indoor / outdoor kennels and outdoor dog playgrounds.

The remaining $ 500,000 will be spent on life-saving programs, including the BVSPCA’s mega-adoption. These activities accommodate more than 1,000 animals with families in a large-scale two-day event. The events began in 2017 as a result of a partnership between BVSPCA and Petco Love, and to date there have been nine Megas. This year, the Brandywine Valley SPCA will return to its large-scale mega-format Dec. 10-11 at the Delaware Convention Center in Harrington. Meanwhile, the BVSPCA will hold an adoption event at the shelter on June 25-26 at all its campuses in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Petco Love is a national non-profit organization that leads in the field of pets, using the power of love to bring pet communities and families closer, stronger and healthier. Since its founding in 1999, Petco Love has invested $ 330 million in adoption and other life-saving efforts. And Petco Love is helping to find loving pets in partnership with Petco and more than 4,000 organizations across North America, with 6.5 million pets being adopted and counted.

“Brandywine Valley SPCA is an amazing organization. While many others were forced to close during the pandemic or had limited operations, Brandywine continued to go to help animals in and around the area – even down from Louisiana. They are consistently leaders in providing animals by helping pets and communities. We are very proud to support their tireless efforts to help pets in need, ”said Suzanne Kohut, President of Petco Love.

Investments in the Brandywine Valley SPCA are part of more than $ 15 million in investments recently announced by Petco Love to feed local organizations across the country as part of its commitment to creating a future in which no pet is subjected to unnecessary euthanasia. Petco Love recently celebrated the anniversary of the launch of Petco Love Lost, a national database of lost and found animals that uses pet face recognition technology to simplify the search for lost pets.

“Our partnership with Petco Love demonstrates the best of what can happen at the junction of business and nonprofit,” said Adam Lamb, CEO of BVSPCA. “Petco Love has been an important partner in our transformative influence on asylum in Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania. We appreciate the animal advocates at Petco Love and the incredible work of Petco Pet Care Centers to raise funds for rescue work in organizations like ours. Every penny donated at the box office really saves lives. “

The celebration at the Christiana Petco store will be attended by Brandywine Valley SPCA staff and volunteers, Petco and Petco Love staff, as well as several community leaders, including Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall Long, Senator Nicole Pur and County Governor Matt Meyer.

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