Britney Spears ‘cries to bed most nights’ | Celebrities

Britney Spears ‘cries herself to sleep’ as she struggles with her insecurities.

The 40-year-old star shared a heartfelt message with her fans as she opened up about how people portray themselves on social media and reflected on her past traumas.

She wrote: “It’s crazy…social media…everyone’s life seems so perfect and when I post things I feel like most of the time I’m completely and utterly ashamed of my past…and who can forget those documentaries???

“So, yes, I try to post how I look my best, or what may seem like a good life… well, to be honest, my mood is better, but I will forever be scarred by my past experiences for the rest of my life.. .

“There is no way to fix me, my emotions and my sensitivity… therapy, all of it!!! I think I’m going to need some sort of miracle for my emotions. (yes)”

The ‘Toxic’ hitmaker insisted her life is not what it seems from social media posts and insisted she has no idea ‘in real life’.

She continued: “My life is far from perfect … I cry myself to sleep almost at night … I’m insecure as hell…

“I don’t know how to have good posture when I’m not on camera… and I have to go to school to be taught how to walk…

“I know you’re saying “but you’re a performer”…well that’s it!!! This is an action on stage… in real life I have no idea… and I am working on it!!! (yes)”

Britney also discussed food and the concept of the word “more” in a lengthy post.

She added: “I’m so lazy and I’m learning the word ‘MORE’… I’ve never had seconds at the dinner table and I know ESPECIALLY in Los Angeles a lot of people starve themselves but it’s amazing…

“Lately I’ve been WANTING MORE…does that make me a bad person??? It’s amazing that someone made me the best mac and cheese the other night…I swear I wanted more so bad!!!

“But I didn’t, then I thought about it !!! Did I ever have seconds ??? It’s called MORE and maybe MORE isn’t so bad … and opening MORE and THE DOOR ! !! (yes)”


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