A mixed-use development next to the new Pennsylvania State Hospital in East Hamfield Township has received $2.5 million from the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Program, also known as RACP.

The development, known as the Brookside Development, was one of three development projects in Lancaster County that have received a total of $6 million and are expected to create 662 jobs.

Other projects include the renovation of the former St. Joseph’s Hospital and the Little Conestoga Creek trail project. The projects, all of which are on the way, all have matching funds from the developer.

Brookside’s six-phase network is being built east of the new Pennsylvania State Lancaster Medical Center on Harrisburg Pike.

Brookside Development by 2701 State Road LLC received $2.5 million to prepare the site for a mixed-use development along State Road that is expected to create 635 jobs. This will correspond to $3.4 million in funds from the developer.

In addition to the 252,500-square-foot warehouse, the Brookside Development is slated to have a mix of residential and mixed-use commercial use, including space for a professional medical office, retail and a quick-service cafe/restaurant.

Public funding will support floodplain restoration and site preparation, including site excavation, storm drainage, electrical/gas trenching, private sewer and water supply. Funding includes Swarr Run floodplain restoration.