Bryn Mawr Day Returns September 10 – Top Media News

LOWER MERION – Lower Merion’s popular Bryn Mawr Day returns in early September.

Lower Merion Commissioner Scott Zelow mentioned the upcoming event during the last commissioners meeting.

“I want to announce that Bryn Mawr Day is back. Today is Saturday, September 10. 9 to 2, downtown Bryn Mawr,” Zelow said.

A short PSA video released by Lower Merion Township will feature a petting zoo, fire truck rides, food trucks and a farmers market.

In addition, Zelov added, a small circus and school a cappella ensembles will work.

Bryn Mawr Day is Saturday, September 10th from 9am to 2pm in the Lancaster Avenue parking lot across the street from the Ludington Library.

“It’s usually a great family reunion from the Bryn Mawr summer event,” Zelow said. “Everyone is welcome.”

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