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SCRANTON, PA will be ineligible.

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a leader in polls and fundraising at the Democratic Senate in the U.S. Senate, remained in hospital Monday after a stroke just before the weekend.

His campaign said he would not appear at tonight’s party on election night in Pittsburgh, although Fetterman said Sunday that he was feeling better, expected to fully recover and resume his campaign after the holiday.

Some Republicans fear that Barnett and Mastrian are too polarized to defeat Democratic opponents in the general election. Barnett and Mastriana campaigned together, supported each other and promoted conspiracy theories, including allegations by former President Donald Trump that widespread voter fraud cost him the 2020 election.

They also spent some of the money that some of their competitors have.

The fight reflected high stakes in today’s Pennsylvania election and the uncertainty that rocked the campaign last week amid news of Fetherman’s hospitalization and last-minute jokes at the Republican primaries.

In the presidential race, the organization, which said it spent about $ 13 million to advance Republican candidate Bill McSwayne, a lawyer appointed by Donald Trump as U.S. Attorney General in Philadelphia, lost allegiance to former Congressman Lou Barlett just two days before closing polling stations.

The Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs, a business advocacy group whose political action committees are channels for money from billionaire Jeffrey Yass, said it believes Barletta has a better chance of defeating Mastrian. The group is now urging McSwain to quit his job and support Barletta.

Mastriana, recently approved by Trumpbelittles Republican efforts to defeat him and characterizes Democrats, including President Joe Biden, as far-left radicals.

“The swamp retaliated, but they struck, and they failed, they missed, and Donald Trump joined in the midst of their conspiracy with each other’s swamp creatures and supported me and cut off my legs from under them,” Mastriana said in an interview. on Monday podcast “Light of Freedom”.

Meanwhile, during the heavyweight Republican primaries in the U.S. Senate, Barnett worked to repel the growing attacks of former hedge fund CEO David McCormick and heart surgeon who became television celebrity Mehmet Oz. A candidate backed by Trump.

Barnett said on conservative radio station Breitbart on Monday that “I’m not a globalist, they’re both” and that they have “very strong ties to the World Economic Forum,” an organization that has been the subject of right-wing conspiracy theories. .

They pretend to be “members of the Patriots with Trumps”, she said, calling Ozu, who was born in the United States to parents who emigrated from Turkey and has dual citizenship – “not only American, but Turkish too.”

“Globalist” is an insulting term of anti-Semitic origin, adopted by Trump and others in his orbit to provoke an elite international group that does not serve the interests of America.

Barnett also said on Breitbart radio that she would not support Oz or McCormick if they win the primaries, saying: “I do not intend to support the globalists.”

However, she later seemed to contradict herself by telling reporters in Scranton, “I think they are globalists, and that makes me very nervous. But … I will do everything I can for the Republican Party to make sure we win and make sure the Democrats don’t win. “

Trump’s approval of Mastrian and Oz has led the Republican establishment of Pennsylvania to controversy, with some warning that Mastrian is too far away to defeat Democrat Josh Shapiro in the fall general election.

Trump himself has warned that Barnett cannot win in the fall – but Mastriana is campaigning with her. In the phone booth on Monday night with Oz Trump warned that if Barnett is tested, it would be a disaster for the party.

With polls showing a late surge for Barnett, Trump’s attacks reflect the eleventh hour of behind-the-scenes struggle between Trump’s allies and rival campaigns to discredit her. If elected, she will become the first black Republican woman to serve in the Senate.

On Monday, the Oz campaign sent Republican voters a 90-second automated call in which Trump urged them to vote for Oz and attacked McCormick and Barnett as “not candidates who put America first,” a Trump label for his ruling philosophy.

In addition to a new announcement of attacks aimed at Barnett, she is asked about the history of inflammatory comments that include insults to Muslims and gays. She said her Islamophobic tweets were taken out of context.

She was also asked if she was involved in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol after participating in Trump’s “Stop Theft” rally that day. She wasn’t, she said.

“Confused to understand Katie Barnett. Every time she answers a question, she raises a lot more, ”Oz said on the Brian Kilmide Show on Fox News Radio.

Barnett, speaking to several dozen fans at the Scranton Hotel on Monday night, said her rivals are lying about her because she wins.

“Do you really want to hear more nasty attacks, more attacks, throwing people under a bus, using left-wing tactics to try to destroy one of your own?” Barnet asked.

McCormick, an award-winning U.S. Army veteran who has strong ties to the party establishment before serving in the George W. Bush administration, has also been repeatedly criticized by Trump over the past two weeks.

However, McCormick concludes the campaign by showing a TV commercial showing a video in which Trump congratulates McCormick at a private ceremony in 2020, saying that “you have served our country in so many different ways.”

“You know why he said that,” McCormick said in a TV commercial. “Because it’s true. I risked my life for America and I would do it again at one point. … I’m a fan of life, a gun, a conservative of America First and I’m damn proud of that. “

Levy reported from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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