CDC: Most Americans have been infected with COVID-19

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – New information from the CDC on Tuesday says most Americans may have been infected with COVID at some point during the pandemic.

The health agency conducted a long-term study that found that about 60 percent of people have antibodies associated with previously infected. The study ended in February, and according to the CDC, about 75% of children were positive for antibodies associated with the infection. Doctors say this correlates with the fact that children have the lowest vaccinations.

The CDC has released this new information as cases and hospitalizations have increased slightly compared to last week. However, the number of deaths is declining.

“We hope that the positive trends will continue, which we will not see as a result of this increase in cases of further severity of the disease,” said CDC Director Dr. Rachel Valensky.

This new study shows how widespread COVID is across the community. The researchers collected blood samples and looked for specific antibodies that would have been present only in the case of a previous infection.

Most of the growth is said to have come from the Omicron variant. In December, the percentage of people with antibodies was about 34%. At the end of February, this figure was about 58%.

“This study looked only at the presence of antibodies from a previous infection. It did not detect antibodies from a previous vaccination,” said Dr. Christy Clark, co-chair of the working group on epidemiology and surveillance of COVID-19.

The age group with the lowest level of infection – people aged 65 and older – about 33%. They are also one of the most vaccinated groups. Therefore, doctors continue to emphasize the importance of rolling up your sleeves to get the vaccine.

“We want all people in our country to be as healthy and safe as possible. It is important that adults or children who have been previously infected be vaccinated if they are entitled,” said Dr. Clark.

Health experts have said that relying solely on these antibodies is not the best idea because there is no data on how long they will continue to protect you. People can be infected with COVID multiple times.

They also emphasize that the long-term effects of infection, especially in children, are still being elucidated.

Here in our district, the CDC said we are currently at the lowest level of the COVID-19 community.

However, in the north of the state and New York there is a medium and high level of community as options continue to spread.

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