Celebrate community at the Topton Museum


It has been a trying year for all of us. Newspapers and TV screens inform us about the many problems facing our country. Sometimes it’s hard to read or watch them without getting upset. However, just as we need to deal with our personal problems, we need to deal with bigger issues and trust that God’s guidance will deal with them as well.

I’ve dealt with health issues, and as a conservative Republican I have opinions on other issues as well.

I find that my best time is when I gather with family and friends or enjoy the Topton Museum.
The museum is a place where I can count my blessings and learn how lucky I am. Blessed to have a great family, live in a great city, worship when possible in a beloved church building, be educated in a school system with teachers who care about each other and the students, serve as an elected official for 32 years and, hope to come to rest in a cemetery full of loving memories.

Please come along to Topton Museum on September 10th from 9am to 2.30pm to celebrate the history of a great town. Topton has a history full of places and characters that have made it so great.

Larry Werst
Curator of Topton Museum

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