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Photo: Old Thunder Brewing

Forever Bright Pilsner of Old Thunder

While many Pittsburgh breweries have exploded in popularity and recognized the success of their IPAs, stouts and saures, some fans and brewers would be quite happy with just drinking camps and pilsners all year round. This spring they are fulfilling their wish.

Three beer festivals dedicated to the camps and pilsners will be held in Pittsburgh next month. The first is Logger Jam Allegheny City Brewing in the north, Old Thunder Brewing’s PilsBurgh in Blawnox, and then Golden Age Beer’s Lager Fest in Manhala.

Saturday, April 30, begin with Logger Jam in the newly renovated Beer Garden Allegheny City Brewery (how many are available very limited here). For the brewery, this is the culmination of increased interest in style.

“I think now in Pittsburgh it feels like lighter, cleaner, more transparent camps are making noise for several reasons,” says Al Grassa, co-owner of ACB. “First, some of the local brewery owners and brewers really accept the camp style and decided to be with them. Second, the super clean, light lager is technically thinner in brewing, so for some brewers it’s more challenging and fun. ”

The line-up will give festival goers one of the best on the Pittsburgh beer scene. Expect beers from Dancing Gnome Beer, Coven Brewing, Cinderlands Beer, Necromancer Brewing, Abjuration Brewing and many more.

There will be not only a large collection of breweries, but also a whole range of “transparent beer” for people. We are talking about the West Coast camps, the smoked camps of Helles, Kellerbiers, Pilsners. You call it, the ACB will have it.

If tickets to Logger Jam run out, or if you haven’t scored enough saws to your liking, you won’t have to wait long to get back there. Old Thunder, one of Pittsburgh Brewery’s rising stars, hosts PilsBurgh: A Night of Pittsburgh Pilsners on May 5th.

“We’ve held a few events here at Old Thunder dedicated to the sawmill, and it seems like their popularity is growing, and it’s interesting to see,” says Zach Gordon, co-owner and director of brewing operations. “These events have become a melting pot for both beer lovers and industry representatives. It is very nice to talk to everyone for a pint of a good camp. ”

Again, everyone is participating in the action: from Brew Gentlemen to the brewing company Crime and Punishment to Hop Farm Brewing, all combined with food from Blowfish BBQ and Farmer + Baker.

To keep up, Golden Age Beer concludes its own Lager Fest on Saturday, May 14 (tickets here). Although the event will also feature a wide range of beers from such as Voodoo Brewery, Stick City Brewing Company, 11th Hour Brewing, East End Brewing and others, the biggest difference here may be the venue. The festival will take place in the former Slovak Catholic Church in Manhal, now a music hall and event venue run by a marketing agency. It’s Red. In addition to offering more camps than you might want, the festival will also feature four live bands, including a favorite Pittsburgh Buffalo Roseand a variety of local food trucks.

In many ways pilsner and lager are the perfect spring beers. Light, refreshing and easily drunk, they are warm weather and a joy to drink beer with friends. And with three exciting new festivals this season, beer lovers can definitely make sure that happens.

Logger Jam: a celebration of local camps. 12-15 p.m. Sat, April 30th. Alegen city brewing. 510 E. Ohio St., North Side. $ 49. alleghenycitybrewing.com
Pilsburg. 15-22 Fri., 5 May. Old Thunder Brewing Company. Admission is free. facebook.com/oldthunderbrewing
Lager Fest Golden Age. 13.00-21.00 Sat, 14 May. It’s red. 605 East Ninth Ave., Munhall. $ 50. goldenagebeer.com/lagerfest
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