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For many years, many games were played at Christmas. Here’s a look at four memorable competitions that took place on December 25th. It’s an NFL playoff game, two college games – one featuring Penn State and the other – Pete – and a 60-point performance by a member of the NBA Hall of Fame.

Dolphins and Chiefs play the NFL’s longest game

The Miami Dolphins defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in the longest game in NFL history at Christmas in 1971. The game, which lasted 82 minutes 40 seconds, was decided in the second overtime by a 37-yard goal from the game. Mount Epremyan.

The victory sent the Dolphins to the AFC Championship game.

The Chiefs had a chance to win the competition, but goalkeeper Ian Stenerud, who was later inducted into the Hall of Fame, missed a 32-yard field goal 35 seconds before the end.

Stenerud’s attempt from a 42-yard game was blocked in overtime.

The competition was the first post-season game ever hosted by the Chiefs, and the last football game at the Kansas City Municipal Stadium.

Here are the highlights of the game as well as interviews with some participants.

Penn State recorded the Fiesta Bowl’s victory over Arizona

The Nitton Lions won the San Devils 42-30 in the Fiesta Bowl, played on December 25, 1977.

Steve Gays (111) and Bob Tory (107) rushed over 100 yards, and each scored a TD to lead the Nittany Lions ’268-yard ground game. Matt Dry ran 76 yards and two TDs.

In special teams Joe Lali blocked the Sun Devils pant and returned it 21 yards to land, becoming the Nittany Lions ’first score. And Jimmy Cefala is back in the 67-yard pant that killed Matt Bar from the game, one of Bar’s two punches.

Penn State Defender Matt Millen has been recognized as the MVP of the game in defense

Here are the highlights of the 1977 Nittany Lions season, including their victory in the Fiesta Bowl.

Pete leads Arizona in the 9th annual Fiesta Bowl

On December 25, 1979, Dan Marina led the Pitt Panthers to win the Arizona Wildcats 16-10 in the ninth annual Fiesta Bowl.

Marina, a freshman, was 15 years old in 29 passes for a total of 229 yards. His 12-yard shot on Benji Pryor was the only TD for the Panthers.

Mark Schubert, who scored three goals from the field in the game for the Panthers, was recognized as the MVP of the game in the offensive.

Here is a video of the full game. Charlie Jones is the narrator of the play. Former Kansas City Chiefs defender Len Dawson is commenting.

Bernard King scored 60 points

New York Knicks forward Bernard King scored 60 points against the New Jersey Nets at Christmas 1984. At the time, 60 points was a record for a single game for the Knicks.

That score stood until Carmela Anthony beat her, scoring 62 points in the game in January 2014.

Unfortunately for King and Knicks, the Nets won the game 120-114.

Here are the highlights of King’s 60-point performance.

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