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As the football season approaches, the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders are holding open auditions for new additions to their 2022 team. Eagles Cheerleaders are not just fans of the football team, they are also brand ambassadors, artists and participate in many charity events. The team is looking for professional, talented and community people who will represent the Eagles organization year-round.

An interesting part of listening is that virtual materials are accepted. The virtual open competition for women and men continues until Saturday, April 2, 2022. The listening procedure is included The dance textbook lasts about 6 minutes and breaks the dance and counts towards listening to Britney Spears’ play “Circus”.

As mentioned, the team is looking for more than just dancers and cheerleaders. They are looking for people who will make the organization look good. Some of the current team members are very knowledgeable. The current members of the team are a doctor of physiotherapy, a chemist-analyst, a female historian and a published author. One of these members, Sharda Swap, is a high school special education teacher who specializes in autism.

Swap lives in Willingboro, New Jersey, and grew up in Westampton, New Jersey. She went to the Rankakas Valley Regional High School, where she began to cheer and dance. She continued to wander and dance at Rutger University, which she eventually graduated from. Swap’s dream was to become an Eagles cheerleader. It was at the top of her vision board. However, it was a difficult path to joining the team. Swoope tried five times before finally doing it. “I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, so when I created the team, it was not in vain,” says Swap. Her passion and perseverance finally bore fruit.

She joined the team in 2017 and it was the season when the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Cup! As a novice cheerleader, she cheered for the team at Superbowl 52 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Swap says, “Such an amazing victory and recording the history of the city of Philadelphia was helpful. Also, when we were down there, we had the opportunity to have a lot of community activities, like what we do here in Philadelphia, to join the community and all the Eagles fans who were down there. ”

The community is a big part of the Eagles organization as well as the Eagles Cheer team. They have participated in various charitable initiatives, including goodwill military tours to Poland, Alaska and Hawaii, where they visited with hundreds of troops stationed at 18 different military sites in Boleslawiec, Powidz, Pozan, Zagan, Anchorage, Fairbanks and Oahu. They also do a lot in Philadelphia. Swap says she enjoys being in the community because “I’ve always wanted to say that our fans are the hottest fans in the NFL.”

Swap has been with the team for five years and describes that supporting the Philadelphia Eagles is more than what we do on the field. We are the brand ambassadors of the organization. The team is made up of very professional, enthusiastic and talented people who have many different degrees and many different experiences. That is why it is extremely important for this organization to be a brand ambassador, ”she said.

Interested candidates need to know that how you behave and how you represent the team is just as important as what is done on the field.

During the five years of her stay on the team, Swap presented herself in such a positive way that she was selected as the Pro Bowl cheerleader! Each year, the NFL selects one cheerleader from the team to become the Pro Bowl cheerleader. Swap traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, along with select Pro Bowl players to represent the Eagles. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many professional cheerleaders don’t get.

Swap is proud to be a role model for young people. “I am very proud of who I am, that I am a colored woman and I am a role model for young people in society. Having the opportunity to be an example to them and let them know that I have tried five times and chased after my dreams, so it is important to emphasize that the dreams come true. You can do and be anything. “

Details on how to file a video audition are at Once the best candidates are selected, these cheerleaders advance to the semifinals, which will be a personal audition. Swap emphasizes that candidates need to be themselves and show confidence during the process.

If Swap is not ill, she works as a full-time special education teacher. Spreading autism awareness is very important to her. So much so that on April 5 from 19:30 to 19:30 she is holding a fitness class at the Novacare complex together with her fellow cheerleaders, and all proceeds will go to the Eagles Autism Challenge.

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