Chef Marc-Pierre White’s son jailed for 18 months after drug-related crime spree | Celebrities

The son of chef Marc-Pierre White has been jailed for a year and a half after embarking on a drug-fueled crime spree.

Marco Junior, 27, who first entered rehab aged 16, pleaded guilty to shoplifting, possession of a knife, possession of heroin and racially motivated disorderly conduct over a 15-month period.

He was jailed for more than 18 months on Monday (22/08/22), the Bristol Post reports.

Marco Jr. has already been sentenced to 11 months behind bars with 32 weeks of prior suspended jail time to run consecutively.

The former Big Brother contestant had battled heroin addiction since the age of 18 and during his crime spree he stole £2,496 worth of clothing from the upscale equestrian store Wadswick Country Store, racially abused a security guard at Tesco Express and stole from shops. alcohol from a branch of Waitrose.

He also stole a Mulberry credit card holder, dishwasher tablets, Rayban sunglasses and more from the newsstand.

A judge at Bristol Crown Court heard that Marco had been having a hard time in custody, apparently because of his father’s fame.

Catherine Flint, mitigating, said: “His father is well known and is known to be wealthy.

“He (Marco) suffered bullying, intimidation, extortion, threats of violence and actual violence.

“It’s incredibly difficult for him in prison. He is horrified at the thought of ever having to go back.’

Marco Junior had been addicted to Class A substances since he was 18, the court heard.

He underwent detoxification in prison despite being offered drugs by other inmates, Miss Flint added, and said he was “deeply ashamed” of the racist language he used in one incident with a Tesco security guard.

Jailing Mark Jnr, Judge Mark Horton said: “This addiction causes intelligent people of good backgrounds who had every opportunity to cheat, lie and steal on a regular basis with a complete inability to stop it.”

Marco Jr once said he spent £250,000 of his world-famous father’s money on “prostitutes, cocaine and alcohol” in three months.

Four days after leaving Big Brother, he appeared in court to answer a drug-driving charge in April 2016.

In 2018, he announced that he was attending AA meetings, but in January 2019 he was convicted and fined for using racist and homophobic slurs when police tried to arrest him for being drunk and disorderly at a train station.

In the same year he was ordered to pay more than £1,000 for running up a £27 bill at a restaurant after his debit card was declined.

He had a short trouble-free period when he became a father to daughter Arabella Rose in November 2019, but was arrested again the following year for allegedly stealing a £40 mobile phone.


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