WEST CHESTER — Key projects in Chester County took a huge hit this week after receiving more than $21 million in funding from the state’s Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program.

The RACP is a state grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, community, recreational, and historic improvement projects.

“These projects will have such an impact on our entire region, from education and job creation to protecting our children and fighting neighborhood foreclosures,” said state Sen. Cathy Muth. “Public dollars are best invested in our communities – improving the lives of our residents, expanding opportunities for job growth and supporting our small businesses.”

Getting funding in Chester County includes:

Kennett Square: $2 million

The proposed project includes the renovation of portions of the main building to create an accredited police station for the Department. The new police station will include a processing/reception area; holding areas; a temporary evidence laboratory with evidence storage; armory; the offices of the chief of police, detectives, corporals, lieutenants, administrative assistants and a squad room; record room; locker rooms; study hall; and a conference room. On the second floor, there will be additional premises for private offices, a recreation room, a storage room and a conference hall. In addition, the scope will include re-finishing the exterior brickwork of the entire structure to prevent further water leakage.

Devereaux, Willistown Township: $500,000

Devereux will build additional classrooms in this project, as well as renovate a wing of our Children’s Behavioral Health Center from semi-private to single rooms. The hospital renovation includes private and semi-private rooms, bathrooms, laundry, utility closet, lounge and classroom. For the school, repairs include the roof, windows, classroom entrances, and an external intercom system. Major areas of construction include demolition, drywall, windows, roofing, electrical, plumbing and ventilation.

Chester County Intermediate Subdivision, Caln: $1.25 million

The CCIU Learning Center includes 2 distinct service delivery areas that include an educational program serving students with emotional and behavioral challenges and a vocational program serving students with disabilities. The project involves the reconstruction of vocational workshops, including car service, carpentry, cosmetology, culinary arts, horticulture, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and other professions. The project will allow CCIU to expand programs to offer adult education and training programs to the surrounding Coatesville community, which has a significant need for job creation, employee training and employment retention. Construction includes renovation of vocational workshops, replacement of existing and installation of new windows, door and security improvements, lighting and HVAC upgrades.

Coatesville: $3.5 million

This project will construct a new combined fire department and public works building to more efficiently and safely serve Coatesville residents, all businesses and property owners, and neighboring communities through cooperative response agreements. This includes: demolition of the existing structure; construction of a public facility/fire station building; salt canopy; Renovation of City Hall Place and Kersey Street.

“This significant funding will enable redevelopment projects and is critical to job creation and progress in our community,” said State Representative Dan Williams. “This funding will expand vocational training and extension to include adult education and training; facilitate traffic backups and provide better access to the new mall; create jobs; and help Coatesville begin the process of building a new public works and fire department building.”

University of Lincoln: $750,000

The Agricultural Research and Commercial Complex (ARCC) will build a solar-powered agricultural research and development greenhouse, “clean” food production with storage/freeze drying, and a 5-acre farm.

Nemours – Malvern Specialty Care Center: $2.75 million

This project will address the construction needs for the development and implementation of this new medical facility that will provide a wide range of health and wellness offerings to the community.

Bournelyf Special Camp, Westtown: $400,000

This project will build a new development that will serve multiple purposes and blend well with the property’s contemporary landscape. The building will be able to accommodate campers and staff. Each of the two floors, built into the hillside, will provide handicap access without the need for stairs. Additionally, we plan to replace the existing pool and renovate the pool house to ensure both are ADA compliant, safe and accessible for our campers. The updated design will reflect the exterior of the main building.

International Paper Co., West Sadsbury: $1.84 million

As part of the conversion to a container plant, the International Paper Company (IPC) will undertake the reconstruction of the facility’s roof. In particular: replacement of the existing roof system and strategic repairs and preventive maintenance on several areas of the roof.

SECCRA Recycling, Sadsbury: $750,000

Construction of a facility for the recovery of materials for rural single-stream recycling at the landfill. Site works, final design and construction of building to house new recycling services.

Shoppes of Sadsbury: $2 million

This project will focus on improving traffic and site performance for this mixed-use development. A 5-lane connector road is required to connect Route 30 to Route 10 and provide necessary traffic relief at the failed intersection of Routes 30 and 10.

Timothy School, Tredyffryn: $750,000

This project will address the concrete, masonry and steel aspects required for the third phase of the overall renovation of the Timothy School campus. The third phase will consist of adding classrooms and administrative space, as well as assisting with the selective demolition and construction of the existing main academic building.

West Chester Behavioral Health Hospital: $1.75 million

The project involves a complete renovation of the hospital on the Chester County Hospital campus to open an inpatient hospital with outpatient services.

“These are two important projects for the 156th District,” said State Representative Diane Herrin. “With the closing of Brandywine Hospital, our region has lost much-needed inpatient beds for behavioral patients at the height of the mental health crisis. This grant supports the partnership between Penn Medicine and Haven Behavioral Health Services to bring inpatient mental health services back to our community while adding even more value through additional, high-quality outpatient services – right here on the Chester County Hospital campus.”

To receive RACP funding, projects must have a regional or multi-jurisdictional impact and generate a significant increase or maintain current levels of employment, tax revenue or other indicators of economic activity.