Chicago White Sox closer to Liam Hendrix rejects Josh Donaldson’s explanation for his comment “Jackie” – Reading Eagle

Chicago White Sox closer to Liam Hendrix did not buy Josh Donaldson’s explanation regarding the comments of the third person from the bottom of the “New York Yankees” to Tim Anderson during Saturday’s game at the Yankees Stadium.

“He was actually trying to call me Jackie Robinson, ‘What happened, Jackie?'” Anderson said after losing to the Sox 7-5, describing what led to it. discussion with Donaldson after the third half. “He made a comment and it was disrespectful and I don’t think it was demanded. It was unnecessary. “

In the fifth half, the benches were cleared before Donaldson’s strike.

Donaldson confessed after the game, “I called him Jackie,” later adding, “I thought it was a joke between me and him because we talked about it before. … He calls himself Jackie Robinson. So I thought it was funny between us. “

Hendrick did not like this explanation.

“Usually you joke with people you get along with, not with people you don’t get along with at all,” Hendrix said Sunday. “So this statement was a complete blunder.

“My feelings for the person in question are pretty well documented what we don’t get along with. The fact is that I have now talked to four separate clubs in which he was, and in general none of them get along. So, trying to highlight that the story is complete and complete riot (pip) ”.

The link to Donaldson’s “Jackie” dates back to an article in Sports Illustrated 2019 that came out shortly thereafter. Bath Anderson coup against the Kansas City Royals and the subsequent lining made the news.

The article discussed the “barrier to satisfaction.”

“I feel like today’s Jackie Robinson” Anderson said in the article. “It’s very important to say. But it’s cool, dude, because he changed the game, and I feel like I’m approaching a point where I need to change the game. ”

The next sentence in the article states that Anderson “though has more nuances than it may seem.”

Donaldson said Saturday: “I mean it’s not any term that tries to be racist on any facts. It was just an interview. “

He later added, “I’m just trying to defuse it, to make a light like, ‘Hey, we’re not trying to start any fights or anything like that.’ Obviously, he found this disrespectful, and if so, I apologize. That’s not what I tried to do either way. “

Hendrix said Donaldson’s comments during the game were “just completely unacceptable.”

“And then trying to knock it out, like an inner joke, it’s a horse (beep),” Hendrix said. “They don’t have such things. It’s like getting into an argument like an inner joke with a guy you’re an enemy to yourself.

“It’s not that. Everything went wrong at this club and I don’t understand how he ever thought about it that way. It’s just crazy. “

Sox catcher Jasmani Grandal exchanged words with Donaldson before the start of the fifth half, and both dugouts and bullpen were empty.

“I am very happy with (Grandal’s) decision to oppose him on a plate,” Hendrix said. “It shows how strong this club is. It shows the brotherhood in this club that we have going on. We are going to fight for everyone in this club, whoever they are, whatever happens. We will take care of them.

(Sox Manager) Tony (La Russa) wears a shirt with the words “Family” every day, and that’s what it is, family. We take care of our own, and if something happens that we think is wrong, we will talk. “

La Rousse said Sunday that he was “interested to see what the Yankee organization says.”

“It doesn’t really matter what I’m saying here,” La Rousse said. “(Yankees Manager) Aaron (Boone), he’s between stone and anvil. I know him, I know his family and I know he disapproves.

“But I really expect the Yankees to say. I know what they represent, right? “God Bless America” ​​(in) the seventh inning. So I expect them to say. “

Boone told reporters that he spoke with Donaldson after Saturday’s game and believed his player’s explanations, but also thought Donaldson should not have commented.

“Given what’s been going on between the two players and between the two teams over the last week or two, I certainly understand how tangible that would be, and I understand the reaction,” Boone said. “I also understand that Josh was very insightful in the history and context of this. So I don’t think there was any malicious intent about it.

“But that’s just my opinion – (it’s) somewhere he shouldn’t go.”

The Major League Baseball is reportedly investigating the incident.

“I’m sure every time they come to a conclusion, you’ll hear it,” La Rousse said. “I know you’re looking at MLB. That’s why I said I want to know what the Yankees are saying, because MLB for years has been crystal clear that they refer to something like that.

“I hope (the Yankees) will respond in the Premier Baseball League where there is no situation where it will tolerate. I have long respected the Yankee organization, so I’m just curious. “


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