Chloe Bailey was “saved” by music Celebrities

Chloe Bailey was “saved” by music.

The 23-year-old singer felt anxious about the separation during the coronavirus pandemic because she spent six months with her sister Halle Bailey, who worked in London on “The Little Mermaid”, so she was grateful that her upcoming solo album was released on the channel. her attention.

She said: “Music saved me. I was at a time when I felt lost, as if I didn’t feel myself.”

The “Have Mercy” singer believes her untitled record perfectly reflects her path to regaining confidence.

She told Allure magazine: “First you can say that [the person] who sings like a bird with broken wings. As time went on, you can hear how I found my strength and confidence.

“I didn’t want to lose this story when I was writing [songs] together. “

Chloe admitted that on stage she is very different from real life.

She said, “If I [not performing]“I’m a horrible, banal, clumsy person,” she told Allure. “But when the lights go on, something happens. I’m someone else.

“I feel it’s unfair for us to say we’re just one version of who we are. We all have multiple layers.

“Maybe that’s the side of me I’ve always wanted to get out of, but I was too scared. Chlöe on stage? I’m fearless. I feel sexy. I feel strong. I feel like nothing can hold me back.”

“When I’m off stage, it’s the complete opposite. This version on stage is still a very nice person, but she doesn’t take any ***. She knows who she is.”

The “Treat Me” singer knew from childhood that she wanted to perform.

She said: “Once I learned to walk, I realized I wanted to sing.

“I knew I loved performing. My first dream was to become a Broadway star. ”


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