Chris Annas is the new entrance to Chester County Hall of Fame

PHOENIXVILLE – Chester County Hall of Fame has a new member. Chris Annas, founder of Meridian Bank, CEO and Chairman of the Board, was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Chester County Economic Development Council during an event on Wednesday, May 18th.

“I have worked with Chris for most of my career in Chester County, which spanned 46 years, and I can tell you firsthand that he demonstrates outstanding leadership quality, community participation, and compassion and dedication to his profession and his staff. Gary Smith, president and CEO of the Chester County Economic Development Council, said of Anna’s inauguration. “Chris gives opportunities to others. He also has the ability to unleash the potential in the business he faces as well as in people. He has built an excellent practical institution that conducts transactional business. ”

More than 400 people attended the annual event, which is held at the Foundry in Phoenixville. Anna has been noted for his “indelible footprint” in the county’s banking sector, including more than 30 years of banking services to thousands of local businesses, as well as more than 300 Meridian employees.

Among the achievements of Annas Smith recalled the collaboration with the Chester County Economic Development Council on the decision to become one of Chester County’s largest employers – CTDI.

“It was the 1980s, and so far we have never been able to combine federal and state funding programs to grow a growing business,” Smith said, adding that they worked together to introduce CTDI to a new loan program under called SBA 504. With its help CTDI was able to move to its first facility built from scratch. We cut the new land, and it flew over the Commonwealth. “

Anna is the founder, chairman and CEO of Meridian Corp. headquartered in Malvern. Founded in 2004, Meridian is a $ 2 billion bank with more than 20 offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Florida.

Anna grew up in Minneapolis before moving to Bervin at the age of 15 and playing rugby at Canesto High School. His family was rooted in the Philadelphia area, his father was from Noristown, and his mother was a graduate of Western Catholic High School. Anna recalls working at Thriftway in Paoli, Open Hearth Restaurant and messenger at Sheraton Valley Forge. He studied at Penn State and helped pay for tuition by working 1,500 feet underground at a Wyoming mine.

Prior to starting Meridian, Anna was president, CEO and co-founder of Stonebridge Bank in West Chester. He also served as Summit Bank’s regional vice president, where he ran a small business lending company in the Delaware Valley. Anna has also managed Summit Bank’s large corporate loans in Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey and its national media communications business.

“I’ve always liked the entrepreneurial side of banking. We understand how companies start, make money and influence their communities. We help them finance these dreams and then watch them grow their business and become successful, ”Anna said in a statement.

Anna’s ministry extends to the many charitable causes he has supported. He is a member of the Paoli Hospital Foundation Board and the Public Bank Board of the American Bankers Association. He is a former board member of the Chester County Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the People’s Light and Theater Company.

“When I think of Chris, three Cs come to mind,” Smith added. “Creative – he always goes beyond numbers to find a solution. Compassionate – he is really committed to the growth of the company and is a real defender. Loyal – if Chris is involved, he is completely and utterly loyal. “

The Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) established the Chester County Hall of Fame Award in 1996 to recognize business and community leaders who have contributed to Chester County’s economic health, according to information on the organization’s website. The award recognizes leadership, business acumen and human achievement in the Chester County business community and beyond.

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