City postpones employee bonuses Pennsylvania News

SHAMOKIN – The city is moving forward with a $ 250 to $ 5,000 bonus plan for city employees under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021.

However, the Council at its meeting on Monday night in Mill Road stopped awarding the prizes due to concerns about how many employees would be eligible.

Retiring Mayor John Brown suggested the idea at a council seminar on Wednesday, believing that all city officials deserve bonuses for fighting the pandemic and don’t get a raise.

The city is currently offering to give $ 5,000 to staff members, including police officers; $ 2,500 for part-time employees, including firefighters; $ 2,500 for part-time police officers who have worked 1,000 hours in the past two years; and $ 250 for seasonal employees.

Board member Jennifer Seidel asked if only current employees would receive the award. Council MP Charlie Verona suggested waiting until the list of relevant staff is completed. Administrator Robert Slaby has announced that the list will be completed soon.

Verona and Brown reported that there are restrictions on how ARPA funds are used, but several Pennsylvania municipalities, including Sunbury and Bloomsburg, have determined that bonuses can be used.

“We can’t just use them (ARPA funds) on anything, and we can’t dump money into a common fund,” Brown said. “We’re not ready to do it right now.”

As for other cases, the council has not taken any action on the request of Covered Bridge Brew Haus, located on Eighth Street, to hold several events in 2022. The council expressed concern that the events would take place from 11 a.m. to midnight.

The petition to suspend the decision on the open container for the event “Music in the Park” from 16 to 23 hours on Saturday, July 2, in the public park of Claude Koehler failed by a 2-2-1 vote.

Although the event itself was approved, Brown and board member Scott Rowton voted against repealing the decision. Seidel, who later announced her resignation at the meeting, abstained, while Verona and board member Barbara Moyer voted in favor.

Music in the Park was then asked to overturn the decision on October 22.

After the meeting, Brown said he watched as attendees of similar events outside consumed alcohol. Rowton’s concern was based on the repeal of the ordinance in more than one area of ​​the city.

In other cases the advice:

• Accepted the resignation of Patrolman James Filk on 19 November.

• Reappointed by Edward Manning to the IDA Board of Directors.

• SEDA-COG is allowed to request prices for zoning renewal, comprehensive plan and rewriting of zoning on behalf of the city. SEDA-COG estimates that work on integrated planning will be carried out from this spring to spring 2023, and the zoning book will be completed in 2024. There will be no costs for the city.

• Concluded an agreement with SEDA-COG to calculate revenue loss for the city according to ARPA. SEDA-COG will receive compensation from the city for its services at the rate of $ 375 for each income loss calculation, not exceeding $ 1,500.

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