Coast Guard rescues couple whose boat capsized in New Jersey – NBC10 Philadelphia

The Coast Guard rescued the couple after their sailing boat capsized on Friday night in New Jersey.

The couple’s 33-foot sailing boat ran aground and capsized around 8pm on Friday around 8pm, the Coast Guard said in a press release.

Someone on board called the radio for help, and by the time rescuers arrived the boat was on its side, the Coast Guard said.

“Due to strong winds, heavy rain and thunderstorms in the area, our crew worked to quickly lower the lifeguard to help the couple,” said Lieutenant Umberto Hernandez, a rescue pilot. “Our swimmer was able to walk the shallow surf to the Free Bird and help people away from the ship to alleviate the safer situation with the location away from the mast of the capsized ship.”

The couple was airlifted and transferred to the waiting staff, and both were in “good” condition, the Coast Guard said.

The agency also reminded people of the importance of maintaining a reliable connection, ideally the VHF World Cup radio, on board their boats in case of emergencies.

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