Editor’s Note: Every Thursday through early October Arts & Leisure will describe one of five artists involved in setting up the Gettysburg Times newscases for Rack-a-Rama. Rack-a-Rama is a joint effort of the Gettysburg Times and the Adams County Arts Council, during which five newsstands, specially designed by local artists, are located in communities throughout Adams County. During this month, proceeds from any newspapers purchased on the shelves will go to the Art Council, which will keep the shelves at the end of the work.

Adams County Art Council member Jim McCabe calls for bold and colorful graphics in his project, completed for Rack-a-Rama, which is now taking place in communities across Adams County.

McCabe practiced several artistic disciplines, most of which are three-dimensional, including metalworking, woodworking, furniture painting and modeling. He also completed the wotk airbrush, hairpin and acrylic on canvas.

The artist has commissioned work in painting, woodworking and modeling, and in 2007 received an award in the landscape category during the Adams County Jury of Art exhibition.

Born in New York, McCabe spent most of his life on Long Island and studied at New York and Yale University. He and his wife currently live in Gettysburg.

“It will be bold and colorful and will apply to the city of Gettysburg,” McCabe said of his work on the Rack-a-Rama project. Readers are invited to visit its finished rack at the corner of Carlisle and Railroad streets in Gettysburg.

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