Comments to the article came back with improved experience

We have again launched comments on articles with new and improved experiences.

The new platform based on Viafoura will make it easier to keep track of articles that are popular in the community, keep track of your favorite commenters and receive email alerts when someone responds to your post. Premium subscribers without ads will not see ads between comments.

The system automatically disables comments that include obscene language and includes the ability for users to tag comments they deem violating our commenting rules. These rules prohibit the use of vulgar language, swearing or attacks, impersonating another commenter, and publishing personal information or spam links or content. Commentators should treat each other with respect and stay put. Those who break the rules will be prohibited from commenting.

Clicking on the notification bell will allow you to see the feed of your comments, customize your profile information and see who is following you.

The switch means you will need to log in to comment. You will be able to link your login credentials to your subscription account. Premium subscribers and unsubscribed subscribers will soon receive an icon indicating their status.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and it will improve your commenting experience. To comment, comment below or write to us.

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