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Observations and other interesting notes from the NBA playoff win Tuesday night at 118-107 over the Boston Celtics:

– For all the versatility of Eric Spoelstra’s list.

– For all the courage, bravery and cunning elsewhere on the list.

– For all the work of the first half in this Tyler Hero.

– And for all Gabe Vincent’s contributions for the third quarter.

– It may never have been such a team of Jimmy Butler than at the moment.

– Even including the 2020 series with an accuracy of two wins from the NBA title.

– And here it was again on Tuesday.

– If necessary on the attack.

– If necessary for protection.

– Everything is so raw and internal.

– Constantly making his way to the foul line.

– Go beyond the stupidity of Big Face Coffee.

– And dispel doubts that do it only in 2020 Disney Bubble.

– No. 22 will look great in the rafters next to No. 3.

– And it is hardly absurd if it is also next to number 6.

– This run was something.

– That extension of 184 million dollars last summer?

– Contract of cost.

“Who knew?”

– Gabe Vincent made his seventh start in the playoffs instead of Kyle Lowry, who left the field, and the starting lineup of “Heath” again completed Butler, Bam Adebayo, PJ Tucker and Max Strus.

– Thanks to his appearance, Adebayo tied the score of Shaquille O’Neill and Goran Dragic on the 13th place in the list of playoff appearances for all time.

– It was another game when Adebayo’s numbers were almost non-existent.

– He was everywhere in defense.

– When Al Horford and Marcus Smart were not in the opening games, the Celtics opened with Robert Williams, Grant Williams, Jason Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Derrick White.

– Tatum would be the star of the night. . . if not Butler.

– The concussion was recognized as his second foul with a score of 7:12, which remained in the starting period, but remained.

– Gerro joined Strus in the next time-out.

– The appearance of Hérault equaled Jamal Mashburn and Dan Magerle in 18th place in the playoffs for all time.

– Prompt conversion of 3-pointer at the entrance.

– Victor Oladip and Devine Deadman were second and third on the bench.

– Caleb Martin did it nine.

– Then, instead of Spulstra turning to Duncan Robinson, he re-introduced Strus with these two fouls at the end of the first period.

– With his second rebound in defense, Adebayo bypassed O’Neill in sixth place in the Heat playoff list of all time.

– Butler’s second basket passed Goran Dragic to eighth place in the Heath playoff list of all time.

– Butler’s first theft was the 150th of his career in the playoffs, bypassing Dirk Nowitzki in 51st place in the NBA playoffs list of all time.

– Butler’s eighth free throw moved him past Jeff Gornachek to 55th place in the NBA playoffs of all time.

– And against the background of the third quarter of the Heat series with a score of 21-2, he overtook Udonis Haslem in sixth place in the list of fans for the entire Heat playoffs.

– Vincent’s first three-pointer was the 50th in his career playoffs.

– With his second block, Adebayo surpassed PJ Brown in 10th place in the Heat list of all time.

– Although Spoelstra did not underestimate the absence of the great man at the Celtics Horford because of the NBA’s health and safety protocols, he noted that Boston was well built to withstand such an absence.

“Yes, I think it was one of the most underestimated steps,” he said. “Well, one to bring Horford back into the program; it’s just perfect for them. But then in the middle of the season to pick up [Daniel] They are, again, really familiar with their staff and their culture, their organization, and it’s great for them. It just gives them tremendous depth to not necessarily replace Horford, but you have a legitimate guy who has experience who can play that role. ”

– Before the game, Spoelstra was asked how he grew up this season, thinking about the uniqueness of the last three seasons.

“It’s very wide,” he said. “Indeed, the last three years have just been driven by different emotions, all the unpredictability, things you can’t foresee, and just keep trying to focus on the task at hand. I think it was a very good practice for everyone in this business to really be in the moment. “

– He added: “Because of these circumstances we had some strange nights. People were able to get up and play in a way that they might not have been able to play before, and then gain confidence, and then there is this incredible spirit and some really nice memories that we have left this season from many troubles.

“That,” he said, made him especially useful.

“I think we all grew out of it,” Spoelstra said. “We could just find different solutions.” We had a lot of different rotations. ”

– Celtics coach Ime Udoka paid tribute to Spoelstra.

“The guy who studied on the fly,” he said, “but it also throws you off balance, makes you guess, and for years adapts to where he is now.”


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