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Welcome to Seven in Seven, where we take a look at the shows coming to the region next week. As always, whether your musical tastes are rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, heavy metal, R&B, songwriter or indie, there’s always something to check out.

Here are the top seven on the list for the week of August 26:

Peter Hook & The Light is Friday at Union Transfer

For ten years, Peter Hook has been flying under the banner of the legendary band Joy Division, in which he played bass and was a co-founder. This time around, he performs two of the seminal post-punk band’s studio releases, “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer,” in their entirety. He will also open a collection of material by New Order, the synth-pop group that rose from the ashes of Joy Division following the untimely death of frontman Ian Curtis in 1980. “Joy Division: A Celebration” will also see some rarities from the catalog as well.

Sleigh Bells — Saturday at the Theater of Living Art

Late last year, Sleigh Bells released their fifth LP, “Texis,” which many critics called a “return to form” for the Brooklyn band. While there are certainly elements of the aggressive, metal-pop guitar crunch from the acclaimed full-length “Treats” and “Reign of Terror” from the middle, it’s more that frontwoman Alexis Krauss and instrumentalist Derek Miller hasn’t lost a step over the years, but has simply decided to push beyond his noise rock parameters in recent releases. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but at their core, Sleigh Bells remain one of the most dynamic bands around, and they never fail to convey that live.

The Mountain Goats — Monday at Anchor Rock Club

Good news: Mountain goats are coming to the region. The bad news is that you’ll have to go down to the coast to catch them alive in Atlantic City. The indie-folk-rock duo’s latest album, Bleed Out, hit shelves last week, so expect a healthy dose of new material that was inspired by the time frontman John Darnielle spent at home in North Carolina during the pandemic watching edgy action movies , finding solace in familiar tropes and couch-locked escapism. It’s just the latest in a string of themes from the band’s releases, all of which have been enduring throughout a career spanning more than three decades.

My Chemical Romance is Monday at the Wells Fargo Center

When New Jersey emo legends My Chemical Romance announced their retirement in 2013, fans knew deep down that it wouldn’t happen – it couldn’t! — to be truly the end. After releasing masterpieces in their short career, such as “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” and “The Black Parade”, the band reunited in late 2019 and is finally on a heavy North American tour. It’s been a blockbuster so far and here’s hoping it continues with new music to complement May’s single ‘The Foundations of Decay’.

Odessa — Tuesday at The Mann

This summer, Odesza made music history with a tour in support of her latest album, The Last Goodbye, with venues that can hold over 20,000 people, as one of the first electronic acts to take on an amphitheater of this size. The duo, consisting of Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches, also decided to make the run not only carbon neutral, but also carbon negative through a partnership with environmental nonprofit REVERB. The goal is to make the tour more environmentally sustainable and to get fans to take action for people and the planet. And the music? “The Last Goodbye” is an LP full of vibrancy and emotion, nostalgic yet rooted in the present, serving as an expansive sonic experience that speaks to themes of connection, memories and the impact we have on each other, a vibrant celebration of people and moments that have left their fingerprints on our existence

Boris + Nothing — September 1 at Union Transfer

Tokyo-based experimental rock band Boris has released so many albums since forming in the early ’90s that it’s hard to keep track. What’s not hard is to understand how intense and talented the trio is, especially when they spend so much time on the road. Their latest LP “Heavy Rock” is the third in their catalog of this name and, like the others, is aimed at the heavier end of the musical spectrum. Opening the show is Philly’s own Nothing, who are no strangers to delving into genres like shoegaze and noise rock.

Rammstein — September 1 at Lincoln Financial Field

After seemingly endless delays due to the pandemic, German industrial metal outfit Rammstein are finally taking their stadium tour to North America for the first time. That’s no small feat for a band that has been uncompromising throughout a long career where most of the songs were performed in the member’s native language. The language barrier has been largely overcome, whether it’s the spectacle of their pyrotechnic-filled live performances or the gritty yet engaging nature of their music.


• Joy Division: “New Dawn Fades”

• Sleigh Bells: “Locust Laced”

• The Mountain Goats: “Mark on You”

• My chemistry novel: “Helena”

• Odesza: “A moment of discord”

• Boris: “Cramper”

• Nothing: “Speak Less”

• Rammstein: “Auslander”

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