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Interim Senate President Jake Corman, R-Belfonte, has withdrawn from the race for the Republican candidacy for governor – and it seems that he is going to be joined by former US Senator and MP Melissa Hart R. Allegheny.

Instead, Corman supports former Hazelton Mayor and U.S. Representative Lou Barlett, R. Lucerne, and Hart plans to join Barlett tomorrow in Harrisburg.

Meanwhile, Barletta’s press office reported that the former mayor and congressman is today making “an important election statement in Harrisburg” accompanied by “former congresswoman and gubernatorial candidate Melissa Hart.”

Following this press conference, Hart plans to join Barletta at the Westshore Farmers Market near Harrisburg along with several state lawmakers and supporters.

At a news conference with Barletta in Harrisburg on Thursday, Corman said the decision to suspend his campaign was difficult, but he felt it was necessary for Pennsylvania Republicans to nominate a candidate who could unite the party and defeat Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro in November.

“At a time when Tom Wolfe is leaving his post with historically low approval ratings, when the country and Pennsylvania are rejecting Biden’s agenda, this is a time when we are looking for a new leadership,” Corman said.

“I really appreciate the support of Senator Jake Corman and the difficult decision he made to withdraw from the race and work together for the benefit of Republicans and all Pennsylvania residents,” Barletta said. “There is no doubt that as a Republican candidate I can defeat Shapiro because the people of Pennsylvania know me. I am tested, tested on the roads and ready to lead the “Great Return to Pennsylvania”.

Barletta congratulated Corman on a strong race.

It was a race that was still going on earlier this week when Corman was conducting a campaign in Johnstown.

“I met with the owners of JWF industries in Johnstown,” Corman wrote on his company’s Facebook page.

“Bill Palachek’s father founded Johnny’s Welding in a garage on the outskirts of town. Today it is a multinational corporation with operations in various fields, including national defense. A classic example of a small business that expands when there is such an opportunity. ”

Corman also campaigned in Jefferson and Westmarland counties and planned to appear on March 18 in Indiana, but the senator was forced to cancel the visit.

Hart has local connections as a director for the past five years of Enterprise Bank with offices in Allison Park and Indiana, which is described as a “small business lender that works directly with customers and regulators”.

She served 10 years as a state senator in the county, which briefly included parts of Armstrong County, and six years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the county that covers most of southwestern Pennsylvania.

In a recent Sample News Group profile, she voiced her concerns, including “excessive and costly bureaucracy that hinders economic growth and the advancement of citizens, communities and businesses in Pennsylvania,” saying the state government has become an adversary, not a partner for citizens Pennsylvania.

Barletta campaigned in Indiana County during his election to the Senate four years ago – at a restaurant in the Blairsville area – and most recently in July 2021 during a visit to businesses on Philadelphia Street in Indiana.

In addition to Shapiro, the only Democrat on Tuesday’s ballot, and Barlett, who is also running for governor, Republican Douglas W. Mastrian of Franklin County; David J. White of Delaware County; Melissa A. Hart of Allegheny County; Joseph Charles Gale of Montgomery County; William M. McSwain of Chester County; Jacob Doyle Corman III of Center County; Charles R. Gerov of Cumberland County; and Nche Zama of Northampton County.

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