Could Montrezl Harrell give Heath answers? – Reading the Eagle

Q: Ira, I heard you talking about Montrezl Harrell, so I had to chime in. He would be perfect for the Heat. – Eric.

A: Unless, of course, the Heat are in no position against the luxury tax to add another player at this time. But, yes, many of the Heat’s questions about size and energy can be answered by Montrell Harrell, who remains a free agent. No, he’s not the 3-point threat the Heat would prefer at the forward position. And no, he’s not a defensive chameleon who can switch positions. But the Heat will be better off with him on the roster, especially in those moments where rebounds can mean rings. And at this point in the season with an opponent like the Heat, it might be enough for Montrezl to handle accepting the bare minimum.

Q: Pat Riley wants to take Udonis Haslem’s jersey off. How do you feel about someone receiving such an award because of their leadership and influence, and less because they influence the court? – Robert, Key West.

A: Udonis Haslem is the Heat’s all-time rebounding leader. He appeared in three championships, including starting 59 games during the regular season as the Heat won their last championship. Let’s just say if he had retired five years ago, he would have earned his jersey at this stage. So why would anyone punish him for what happened since then?

Q: Can you see the Heat trading Haslem at the February trade deadline if we need to include his salary to make the deal work? – Scott, Davey.

A: No. That would make the Heat front office the worst people in history.


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