Courtney Love rescues Johnny Depp Celebrities

Courtney Love remembered how Johnny Depp once saved her life.

Hole’s frontwoman has insisted she is reluctant to pass “sentences” amid a lengthy libel case against Pirates of the Caribbean actor against his ex-wife Amber Heard, which he is suing for an article she wrote in 2018 about that he is a victim of domestic violence while she is suing because she did not recognize him by name – but the singer of “Malibu” shared a story about how the 58-year-old star came to her aid when she overdosed in a nightclub during the grief of her late husband Kurt Cobain.

She said in a video posted to her friend’s Instagram account: “I don’t really want to make opinions public. I just want to tell you that Johnny did resuscitation for me in 1995 when I overdosed outside of The Viper Room. ”

And the 57-year-old star told how Johnny also “saved” her daughter Francis Bean, now 29, by writing her a letter on her 13th birthday while the young man was dealing with Courtney’s addiction and Kurt’s suicide, though she did. ” I didn’t “really know” the Black Mass star at the time.

She continued, “Johnny, when I was on crack, and Francis had to put up with it with all these social workers, wrote her a four-page letter that she never showed me.

He then sent limousines to her school, where all the social workers crawled, again without asking her and all her friends to go to the Pirates. [of the Caribbean]’.

“He did it several times. He gave her his place [at the premieres] with her name.

“I’ve never seen any of these Pirates movies, but [Frances] loved them. You know, she told me when she was 13, “Mom, he saved my life.” And she said it again. “

Although Courtney offered Johnny support, she stressed that she still “sympathizes” with Amber.

She said: “I was the most hated woman in America. I was the most hated woman in the world before TikTok, and it really is … I am very sorry for what Amber should feel. B ** a, wow, can you imagine her?

“But if you’re using the movement for your own personal gain, and you’re living in queer-feminist cross-cutting spaces, and you’re abusing that moment, then I hope justice will be served anyway.”


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