Jerry Jones wouldn’t mind a Dak Prescott/Cooper Rush QB battle originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Dak Prescott returned to practice Thursday and he can go back under center for Dallas Cowboys as early as 4 weeks.

But it did not stop Jerry Jones from creating headlines about the quarterback’s potential controversy.

The Cowboys owner told reporters that he would welcome a quarterback dilemma in Dallas this season as a result of the strong play of the backup. Cooper Rush.

“Would it be nothing if you were in a dilemma as to which way to go [at quarterback]? You do this when [Rush] gets 10 wins,” Jones said. “The same thing happened with Prescott. I think so.”

“Of course I would. “Sure,” Jones said when asked if he specifically wanted controversy surrounding the QB dilemma. “When [Rush] come in and play as well as prescott played? Did you play so well in the following games? I would go to New York to get it.

“… Of course we want Dak to be here next week. That’s the thing, you do. But Dak and I want Rush to lead the team to a win here and get another win and another win. That’s the only way to look at it.

“… So is it possible that Rush will come in here and play at the right level and win games like Prescott did when he took over for Romo? Yes. Yes. I certainly think it’s possible.”

As Jones mentioned, Prescott has had a long stretch of games to prove he’s worthy of being the starter during the Cowboys’ latest quarterback conflict. Back in 2016, then-rookie Prescott filled in for an injured Tony Romo, who suffered a serious back injury in the preseason. Dallas started that season 8-1 when Prescott demanded Romo’s full-time job.

However, it doesn’t look like Rush will get the same opportunity when Prescott returns from his thumb injury. So, can Rush, who is 1-0 so far, play well enough in just a few games to really convince the Cowboys to keep starting him over Prescott?

“Well, it was impossible, supposedly, that Prescott could play that well and keep Romo away [2016 divisional round playoff game] when every other team in the tournament had a seasoned veteran, a great defender.’

It certainly wasn’t no.

While Prescott’s Dallas offense struggled in the season opener against Tampa Bay, the two-time Pro Bowler boasts a 53-33 career record and is in the second year of a four-year, $160 million contract . Rush, meanwhile, was a two-time starter in five professional seasons and was shut down several times by the Cowboys.

Suffice it to say, it seems highly unlikely that Rush will supplant Prescott as Team America’s starting QB over the next few weeks.

So then why the quarterback controversy from Jones? Are the Cowboys not excited about Prescott long-term, or is this just another case of Jerry being Jerry?

“He wants you to click and listen too.” – Ezekiel Elliott said when they learned of Jones’ comments. “It’s all marketing. It’s all marketing.”

It’s hard to argue with Zeke.

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