Creating Digital Tools to Improve Elderly Health Brings $ 7 Million to Patronus Kitty

The global health system is facing new challenges due to demographic shifts. In Germany, for example, people aged 65+ are the fastest growing group, and their share of the total population will increase to 30% in the next 10 years. Digital tools are needed to increase the effectiveness of care for the elderly.

Enter the Berlin healthcare startup Patronus. Founded in 2021 Ben Stadt and Tim Wagner, a startup in healthcare, is developing digital tools to improve the care and well-being of older people. The company now offers digital clock software for seniors as well as a mobile app for caregivers and family members.

The company has now raised $ 7 million to enhance its digital products for seniors. An early subscription financing round was held by an early Berlin investor Cavalry enterprises involving with UVC Partners and DN Capital as well as angel investors, including Hano Heinzenberg and Lukash Pyachonka (co-founders of McMakler and MAYD), Emanuel Palua (founder of Foodora), Johannes Rogendorf (co-founder of Medwing) and Christopher Moore (CEO of AUTO1, founder of Patient21).

The watch software offers 24-hour access to the emergency center, which has access to the user’s health history and caregiver contacts. It can be used both at home and on the road thanks to extensive cooperation with Deutsche Telekom.

Patronus works with a large number of aid providers, including the Maltese Aid Service, to provide local assistance to its users.

“The way we care for the elderly has changed to almost zero over the last 50 years. We want to give seniors the best care and make educators’ daily lives easier and get rid of worries by adding a technology component to interacting with people, “said Ben Stadt, co-founder of Patronus.

Tim Wagner, co-founder of Patronus, added: “The need for better digital communication goes beyond older users and their families. It also includes professional educators, inpatient nursing homes, physiotherapists and doctors. Patronus’ vision is to create collaborative software where all parties work and interact with each other. “

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