Critics of Trump have gone back


Isn’t it ironic that Democrats said in 2016 that if Donald Trump is elected, he will destroy the economy and usher us into World War III. Now it’s so funny that President Joe Biden is destroying the economy and might be able to drag us into World War III. The Democrats were right, they did not have a president who would do it.

Biden’s first defeat was the withdrawal of troops to Afghanistan, which killed 13 US servicemen and left hundreds of Americans.

In April 2021, Biden received information that the Russians had begun to send troops to the Ukrainian border and had done nothing about it. It was time to start imposing tough sanctions on Russia and sending weapons to Ukraine. Instead of imposing sanctions, under Biden we bought much more oil from Russia in 2021 than in 2020 under the Trump administration.

We have a weak, incompetent, incompetent president who does not know what he is doing. On the first day of Biden’s tenure, he wrote orders to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. He wrote new regulations on oil and gas companies that made drilling unprofitable. In January 2021, gas cost $ 2.25, inflation – 1.7%. Now gas costs $ 4.25, inflation – 7.9%, and all Biden can do is blame Russian President Vladimir Putin or someone else.

Dennis Wasser
Windsor Town

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