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You may be wondering what happened to “Crysis 1” – that is, if you’re just playing console games. The original “Crysis” was only for a PC in which you saw you as a military super suit fighting the alien threat in North Korea. Only the fastest PCs could run it, and the fact that it was a PC-only release means most have never been able to play it.

Enter “Crysis 2”. With plots from the first game, but without a real connection to it, “Crysis 2” is designed to be extreme. A few years after the first game, we met again with the Prophet, the character from the first game, who is about to have a terrible end. His heroic last act is to hand over his suit to Alcatraz, the Marine whom he saved from an alien ambush.

Alcatraz will have to defeat a group of PMCs called “Cell”, which was involved in the fight against aliens, as well as aliens ravaging Manhattan. You will often be superior in weapons and confront much more, but you have one main advantage, Nanosuit 2. It allows you to run very fast, jump very high, absorb explosions and bullets, be invisible and use great force to overcome situations with which you will face.

Your costume ends up being one of the only basic mechanics that adds a unique layer of complexity to the game. You can approach as many battlefields as you want, but you will need to monitor the power of your suit. Face the situation and you may find yourself powerless if you need to turn on armor mode. Try to sneak up on enemies and you may not have enough strength to jump over an obstacle between you and a group of enemies. You can even collect alien DNA, which will force your suit to adapt and develop new abilities such as viewing enemy routes, detecting threats and reducing the power required for armor mode.

The choice of weapons also has a small depth, because you can add to each weapon a number of devices, such as silencers, grenade launchers and sights. Weapon supplements somewhat compensate for the limited choice of weapons – most often you will rely on weapons such as SCAR, Scarab and PSG-1.

The “Crysis 2” campaign is quite extensive, running from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., but will probably leave you with more questions than answers. The attraction in this game definitely feels like a real superhero. While there are a lot of great details and cinematic moments, “Crysis 2” is definitely more linear and less open than the first game, mainly due to hardware limitations on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The most stressful moments in “Crysis 2” come when you are the weakest. The suit makes you feel so powerful that when it fails or fails, you feel helpless. It is these moments that really provide the contrast for your superpowers.

“Crysis 2” is fun, if not a little repetitive and derivative. It does very little new, but instead combines a lot that makes other first-person shooters work well in one package. It even adopted multiplayer “Call of Duty” mechanics such as unlocks, getting XP per match and a series of kills. If you’re looking for a pretty fun FPS game, check out “Crysis 2”.

This is MY super suit: Nanosuit 2 is easily an excellent mechanic. This is what makes the game interesting, for better or worse, allowing you to play the game the way you want.

huh Plot ?: Those who played the first game will notice that a few characters come from the first game, but it never becomes clear what happens to your character or the aliens. The whole game is similar to the Seinfield episode where everything is about nothing but … you know … the aliens are bad. So shoot them.

One … and confused: There are many unanswered questions. Why do aliens look different? Also, where are all the other nano-costume soldiers, including the player character from the first game? What actually happens to your character at the end of the game?

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