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Standing with a group of her classmates and peers on North 10th Street, Zaikiya Morris spoke about the importance of voting.

Morris is in the 12th grade of the Statutory School of Mathematics and Science and stressed the importance of exercising the right to vote if you want to see change.

“Your voice matters, your voice matters,” Morris said. “This is a chance for you to positively influence these issues. So I and some other students are here to encourage you to vote, and some of them (students) are voting themselves tomorrow.”

Morris and her classmates worked with District Attorney Larry Krasner and Philadelphia City Commissioners Lisa Deeley and Omar Sabir to discuss the importance of voting, how to report voting irregularities and other issues on election day Tuesday.

Krasner called election day a cherished and important aspect of our democracy that the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office vigorously defends.

“Every Philadelphia vote will be counted, and every Philadelphia vote that wants to get into the ballot box will be cast. There will be great weather and a great day to vote,” he said.

According to Deely, all 1,703 departments will be open Tuesday for a personal vote. People who need to know their polling station can call 215-686-1590 or visit

“Your voice is your voice; do not silence yourself,” said Dili. “We encourage all Philadelphians to exercise their precious right to vote. You have the opportunity to vote in person at the polling station before 8pm on Tuesday or leave your ballot in the mail in any 16 safe ballot boxes located throughout the city. The right to vote is to determine the direction of the future of your loved ones and society. Please do not miss this incredible opportunity and schedule a vote tomorrow by 20:00. “

Betty Drayton-Johnson is a longtime public activist in Philadelphia. The 84-year-old woman said she was so proud to see the students voting in favor.

“The main goal here is to vote, and that’s the most important task we set,” Drayton-Johnson said.

Asia Moore, another 12th grader at the School of Mathematics and Science, said it is important to speak because she is part of a demographic group that is unlikely to vote.

“Young people from the city center,” Moore said. “It’s one thing to hear from someone who doesn’t look like you, but hearing from someone who looks like you underscores the importance. So many people have fought for us to have that right, and as young people, we need to vote for our own future. “Because, ultimately, the people who will be appointed will form our communities. Therefore, regardless of your age, I urge everyone to fulfill their civic duty and vote. Let your vote be loud on the ballot.”

Krasner said there would be serious consequences for those who tried to steal votes or harass voters or poll staff.

“We will bring to justice those who are caught intimidating voters and election workers or threatening. Then they can tell Philly’s jury why it was okay to steal Philly’s votes.”

The polling station hotline will operate at 7 a.m. Tuesday when polling stations open. Voters can call 215-686-9641.

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