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NORISTOWN – Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele awarded eight civilians and 29 law enforcement officers with gratitude for their extraordinary efforts, exemplary work and heroism in protecting and serving Montgomery County residents. The awards were presented yesterday at a ceremony at the Montgomery County Fire Academy.

“Montgomery County is a great place to live and work for many reasons, including because residents are willing to help law enforcement do their job to ensure the safety of all of us and the belief that criminals will be apprehended and brought to justice. We also have some of the best law enforcement officers and officials who work at a high level of professionalism every day, ”said DA Steele. “These winners are some of the best. I am proud to honor each of these civilians and law enforcement officers for their actions. ”

Awarded and a brief description of their exceptional efforts:


Sergeant Matthew L. Kunert, Lower Providence Police Department

Corporal Robert Heim, Lower Providence Police Department

Ofc. Reginald Neely, Lower Providence Police Department

Ofc. Matthew M. Barber, Lower Providence Police Department

Corporal Brian D. Bishop, West Naritan Town Police Department

Ofc. John J. Barnshaw, Collegeville Police Department

Ofc. William Murphy, Bridgeport City Police Department

Law Enforcement Officer Jordan McCurry, Lower Providence

For exceptional courage and performance during the confrontation, which began as a code-compliant incident with a resident who was stockpiling but escalated into a confrontation when a resident brandished a firearm, threatened police and eventually detonated an explosive, setting fire to his own and others.


Det. Philip Gelibter, Abington Town Police Department: For an excellent investigation into the rape of a family member and the subsequent extradition of a defendant from Europe who was later convicted and found guilty.

Sergeant Ryan Danzi, Abington Police Department; Det. Holly Halot, Lower Morland Police Department: for investigating a series of 10 thefts of a church, apartment and five stolen cars, and for successfully detaining two defendants.

Lieutenant Rebecca Mersky, Springfield City Police Department; Sergeant Nelson Whitney III, Springfield City Police Department; Ofc. Edward Gross, Springfield City Police Department; Ofc. Ralph Burrows, Springfield City Police Department; Ofc. Thomas Sweeney, Springfield City Police Department; Det. Robert Bayada, Springfield City Police Department; Det. Stephen Craig, Springfield City Police Department: for excellent response to the ongoing armed robbery, involving stolen firearms, and the subsequent arrest of the actors.

Det. Joel Greco, Lansdale City Police Department; For an outstanding investigation into the original incident in the pictures at school, which led to the discovery of thousands of images of child pornography, as well as evidence of alleged sexual abuse of a 6-year-old girl in order to create their own child pornography.

AUSA Christopher Parisi, U.S. Attorney’s Office for Eastern Pennsylvania: For the successful federal prosecution of significant drug dealer David Cooper, which led to the conviction and sentence of 32 years in federal prison.

Senior Surveillance Analyst Steve Tory, Mid-Atlantic Lakes Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN): For providing high-quality and detailed key exhibits for use in first-degree homicide courts, especially during the destruction of homicide trials in 2021-20. .

Corporal Joseph Harman, Pennsylvania Police Department (Army K, Skippack Barracks); Tpr. Christopher J. Abbott, Pennsylvania Police Department (Army K, Skippack Barracks); Tpr. Seth G. Betancourt, Pennsylvania Police Department (Army K, Skippack Barracks); Tpr. Seth A. Hefner, Pennsylvania Police Department (Army K, Skippack Barracks); Tpr. Jason K. Henley, Pennsylvania Police Department (Army K, Skippack Barracks); Tpr. Jeffrey A. Simmons, Pennsylvania Police Department (Army K, Skippack Barracks); During 2021, Troop K Midnight Squad performed remarkably well, making numerous significant arrests, including for drug trafficking and wanted persons, as well as confiscating 29 illegal firearms and rescuing a young victim of human trafficking.


Jennifer Schaeuble (Gulf Mills, Pennsylvania)

Marie Pregler (Horsham, Pennsylvania)

Paula Singer (Ardmore, PA)

For their commitment to Montgomery County youth and for outstanding service as a community member of the Youth Aid Group program.

Cornel Kemp (Abington Garbage Department)

Michael Mayer (Abington Township Division)

Juan Vazquez (Trenton, NJ)

For aiding and abetting the detention of the defendant and giving important testimony in the successful prosecution of Gilbert Newton III for the first-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend.


Paul Leonard, retired head of Upper Dublin

Chief Andy Ratfon, Fort Washington Fire Company

Deputy Chief Daniel Wade, Upper Dublin Police Department

Lt. Darren S. Nice, Upper Dublin Police Department

For the excellent initial response, emergency management and ongoing recovery associated with Hurricane Ida and the corresponding tornado that struck Upper Dublin.

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