Dallas tennis boys open state team tournament with victory and return to quarterfinals

CLARKS SUMMIT – Tucker and Kyle Chesman gave Dallas the upper hand.

Luca DeRom and Jason Joshi took it from there.

Team № 1 in doubles secured the final point needed for the climbers to complete a 3-0 victory over Allentown Central Catholic and reach the quarterfinals of the PIAA youth tennis team in Hershey for the second year in a row.

Dallas also won the first round last season of Allenttown Central Catholic, winning 3-1 before being knocked out in the quarterfinals.

The climbers will have a chance to avenge that loss by winning a rematch against undefeated District 10 champion Fairview on Friday at the Hershey Racquet Club at 4pm in the quarter-finals. Fairview won a 4-1 match last spring.

The winner will stay in Hershey for the semifinals and finals, which will take place on Saturday.

On Tuesday, when Chesmans made it 2-0, Dallas had to win one of the three remaining close matches to reassure themselves of victory and advancement.

DeRom and Joshi coped with the task, finishing strong, winning 6-2, 6-2 over Jake Zeller-Danny Patron.

“It’s great to bring our team back to Hershey, like last year, and to be the decisive match that will bring our team there,” DeRom said.

Combo Dallas has won the last three games to break away from the 3-2 set. DeRom served for the lead with a score of 4-2, then after the break Joshi finished it off with his serve.

“They definitely had a different style than we played before,” Joshi said. “… This is definitely one of the best teams we have played in so far.

“After the first few games, we were able to pick up their strategy and use different methods.”

It took Tucker Chesman just 46 minutes to defeat Charlie Long 6-0, 6-0 in the second singles. Kyle Chesman followed about half an hour later with a 6-2, 6-0 singles victory over Tim Spinoza № 1.

Allentown Central Catholic, who won the District 11 title at number six, defeating the top three teams in order, won the first sets at number 3 in singles and at number 2 in doubles.

In case their points were needed, Lucas Carver and Jonathan Florence-Mihura Mukula’s doubles team fought back and led at the end of the second set, trying to win in the third set. Their matches were stopped as soon as Dallas won.

In the second match of the double header at the tennis and fitness center Birchwood Unionville from District 1, Ebington Heights suffered its first defeat, knocking out Comet 3-0 in Class 3A.



Dallas (13-0) 3, Allentown Central Catholic (12-8) 0

ONE – Kyle Chesman, DAL, over Timmy Spinoza, 6-2, 6-0; Tucker Chesman, DAL over Charlie Long, 6-0, 6-0; Michael Zeller, ACC, led Lucas Carver, 6-4, 0-1 (match stopped).

DOUBLE – Luke DeRom-Jason Joshi, DAL, over Jake Zeller-Danny Patron, 6-2, 6-2; Owen Vandolovsky-Enzo Fantozi, ACC led Jonathan Florence-Mihura Mukula, 6-4, 4-5 (match stopped).

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