Dave “Brownsound” Baksh from Sum 41 “100 percent free of cancer” Music

Dave “Brownsound” Baksh of Sum 41 is “100 percent free of cancer” after tumor removal.

The guitarist of the band ‘In Too Deep’ gave positive information after he learned in March that he had cancer.

He wrote on Instagram: “Within two weeks I underwent surgery to get rid of the tumor that eventually became #cancerous.

Don’t worry, my illness with this serious illness has been very short-lived, thanks to the help of wonderful doctors, a friend who helped me do a bone scan in the weeks after surgery, my family (including advanced), amazing people on #LDK (to Kzinti!) and last but not least, the emotions, physical support and celery juice that support @krennykren and my wonderfully gifted, or I mentioned the wonderful children ”.

Thanking his relatives and fans for their support, he added: “Something incredible about why I was taught this disease is how many amazing and supportive people I have in my life. I am very grateful to you and forever in your duty. So now I am not sick of cancer and ready to enjoy touring life again with a fresh perspective on everything. ”

The mother of the 41-year-old rocker is currently battling the disease and he is set to take part in the Canadian Cancer Society for Life relay to raise vital funds to provide Canadian cancer patients with the necessary care.

Sharing a link to his fundraising page, Dave added: “If you have the time, please promise support or join @krennykren and I’m at this year’s @relayforlife on Saturday # 11 June. We are involved in supporting my mother who is beating cancer at the moment and everyone whose lives have been affected by cancer. Link to donations @cancersociety: https://support.cancer.ca/site/TR/RelayForLife/?pg=teamlist fr_id = 28191 Photographers, please contact and let me know your social networks so I can tag you !! (yes) “

Sum 41 is currently co-headlining the Blame Canada Tour of North America with the Simple Plan.


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