David Eyer will direct “The Beekeeper.” Movies

David Eyer will direct Jason Statham in The Bee.

The 54-year-old director has been nominated to direct the action movie for Miramax, which will be presented at the future Cannes market.

A fast-paced action thriller imbued with the mythology of beekeeping and tells of the personal path of revenge of a man who takes on very high stakes.

The film is based on a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer, who co-starred with Jason and Miramax director Bill Block. The studio plans to begin production later this year.

Earlier, Blok said: “The Bee” explores universal themes with a non-traditional story in which fans sit on the edge of their seats. We are pleased to present another iconic and irresistible film to audiences around the world. “

Ayer had previously starred in the superhero film Suicide Squad, which was greeted warmly, and admitted that the film was not what he hoped to create.

Responding to comments regarding the 2016 movie trailer on Twitter, David said: “This trailer matched the tone and intent of the film I made. Methodical. Multilayer. Sophisticated, beautiful and boring. After the reviews BVS shocked the then leadership. , and the success of Deadpool – My emotional drama was interrupted in “comedy” (sic) “

David also admits that as a result of the negative reaction to the film his confidence has been ruined.

He said: “I got some strength in“ Suicide Squad ”from making such a great film, but it was a difficult experience.

“It was an incredible financial success, but the critics took my skin off and it’s scary, painful. And it shook my confidence as a narrator. “


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