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On Tuesday night, former Lehigh County Commissioner Dean Browning opened a big advantage over two rivals in a trilateral race for Republican nomination to the new 14th Senate Lehigh Valley.

With 99% of the expected votes, the Associated Press unofficially showed Browning with 8,560 votes, Cindy Miller with 5,043 votes and Omi Maldonado with 3,508 votes.

The new version of the 14th was created during the process of redrawing the legislative map, which is held every decade by the Commission for Redistribution of Legislative Bodies.

The process lasted several months and led to the creation of new maps for 203 House of Representatives and 50 Senate counties based on the 2020 census. These cards will be used in elections over the next decade.

The existing 14th arrondissement, which became obsolete in late November, includes the district of Carbon and part of Lucerne. The new 14th is located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley and includes parts of the Lehigh and Northampton counties.

The main factor in its creation was that no current leader lives within it.

The incumbent 14th incumbent, John Judzic, the only independent Senate former Democrat, has spoken out against the new cards. He said they had reduced the representation of northeastern Pennsylvania and called their creation an “act of political aggression.”

Yudichak is not seeking re-election to any position in Harrisburg.

The Mapping Commission has described the new 14th district as an area where minority communities can influence elections, especially because there is no incumbent.

The population of the district has the right to vote, which is 38% of members of the minority community, and 26% of residents of his orthodox age are identified as Latin Americans. The division between the parties among the electorate is about 54% Democrats and 46% Republicans.

The area stretches from Emmaus through most of Alentown to the north to the vast expanses of the villages of Likhai, Moore and Bushkil.

Three Democrats and three Republicans ran for office.

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Among the Republicans, 66-year-old Browning is a former Likhai County commissioner who twice ran for Congress but failed. Maldonada, 32, has never run for office. The 62-year-old Miller was twice elected mayor of Leahy and unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the state House in 2016.

Browning is a retired chief financial officer who, when recently asked about the state’s election process, said there was a surge of distrust in the results due to recently adopted voting mechanisms, which include ballots and ballot boxes.

Maldanada, a Latin American management consultant who served eight years in the Marine Corps, said the widespread use of ballot papers in the 2019 election was a “recipe for fraud” and electoral reform should take place. .

Miller, a commercial real estate specialist, said her feelings about the need for electoral reform were expressed last year when she spearheaded the development of a township ordinance condemning ballot papers by mail, ballot boxes and lack of voter ID. The resolution was approved and then repealed.

Late Tuesday, unofficial results from the Democratic primaries showed that Nick Miller led both Tara Zrinski and Yamelisa Taveras.

Miller, a member of Alentown’s school board, received 8,369 votes, Zrinski 8326, and Taveras 30,337 in unofficial results with 84% of the expected votes from Northampton and Lehia counties.

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