Dedication to the Street recognizes Walter and Marjorie Livingston Local news

On Saturday, the city honored Walter R. Livingston Jr. and Marjorie K. Livingston, his wife with more than 60 years of experience, dedicating the 4600 quarter to Locust Street (46th and Farragut and Locust Street) as the “Livingston Way.” The dedication of the street is the result of the tireless work of Walter R. Livingston Jr., who has imposed his town-planning and architectural stamp on many urban projects and buildings in Philadelphia, as well as his commitment to community service. Thus, with such pride comes the recognition of his wife, Marjorie K. Livingston, who stood with him and together raised six children on Locas Street with the possession and residence of several homes there from 1958 until their deaths. Several government officials, business leaders and community activists joined the Livingston family at the event

“We are proud of who our parents were and how they loved and served the community in which they raised their children,” said Mary Livingston, the eldest of their six children.

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