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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The weekend has come, and it’s time to go!

Some ideas for a family vacation are also just around the corner.

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Let’s start with a walking, traveling place – Volant, Pennsylvania.

“It’s really the 1700s facing the present day,” explains Michael Chapalani, Pennsylvania’s executive director of tourism.

He says Volant is special.

“So whatever you’re interested in, you’ll find it there,” he says.

If you are hungry and looking for a place to eat, try New Castle.

“They have a trail of burgers, so you can“ hamburger ”travel around the New Castle, trying all the different burgers,” Chapalani says.

There are 15 different unique burgers on the trail.

Not far from Midville Chapalani says don’t forget Davenport Fruit Farm.

“For fruit, of course, but they also have a brewery and cider,” he says. “They make a great product.”

Speaking of memorable products, on the edge of Pimatuning you will find old world recipes at Mortals Key Brewery.

“You won’t forget Mortals Key Brewery,” Chapalani says. “The last time I was there, there was a couple from Germany. So that’s really the direction you have to experience. ”

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Of course, if you are in the woods, there is Lake Kanaut. A place where you can spend a lazy day by the water, on a boat or in a park.

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When there are no thunderstorms, Conneaut Lake Park is open on weekends, but it is always wise to check which rides are taking place.

Being near the water, another popular choice is the shores of Lake Erie.

“We are actually the seventh wine producer in the country,” says Chapaloni. “A lot of people don’t know that, but Erie really is the epicenter of it all.”

So you can grab some wine, some cheese and put Lake Erie as a background.

“If you consider people like Mazza Vineyards, it’s unbelievable,” he says. “They will have miles and miles of vineyards to explore.”

If you’re not looking for wine, Erie also has a maritime history at the Erie Maritime Museum.

“It really tells the amazing story of Lake Eire, one of our smaller Great Lakes,” Chapalani says. “There have been more shipwrecks, and that’s you, but the museum also houses American Niagra. Now it sails often, but it is truly one of America’s true high ships. ”

Also in the Era is the Haganah History Center with the office of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Speaking of history, on the way back make a stop in Titusville.

“You can see the world’s first commercial oil well in Titusville,” he says. “Then learn all about the oil industry in America, which is truly incredible and started here in Pennsylvania.”

Chapalani recommends giving yourself plenty of time if you stay in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Sharon has the Five Diamond Buhl mansion, the Winner Fashion House and Daffin’s Candies candy, the house of the chocolate kingdom.

“Sharon is a fantastic place,” he says. “It’s absolutely incredible that Daffin’s Candies in Sharon candy is really worth exploring because they not only make amazing chocolate, but also sell candy from all corners.”

They produce about a million pounds of chocolate a year, and these chocolate creams in the kingdom in the store are huge. 125-pound chocolate turtle, 75-pound chocolate frog and more.

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Despite all this, it is not even starting to affect all the state parks in the region, which we will open for you next week.

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