Demut Foundation Receives $ 25,000 to Study the Life of Artist Charles Demut, LGBTQ + and the Disabled | Entertainment

The Demut Foundation recently received a $ 25,000 grant from the National History Foundation to further study the life of artist Charles Demut and components of his history that have remained largely untold.

Demut was a modernist artist who was born and died in Lancaster. He is best known for his work “I Saw Figure 5 in Gold,” which is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The Demut Foundation intends to use the grant to study Demut in more detail, including disability and illness, as well as LGBTQ + topics, to tell the true truth of Demut.

“We are incredibly grateful for this grant, which will allow our museum to begin the research and planning phase of our rethinking project,” Abby Baer, ​​executive director of the Demut Foundation, said in a press release. “We aim to create a more meaningful museum experience for visitors that will deepen their knowledge and understanding of Charles Demut, his life in Lancaster and his work. As part of this process, we will explore the inclusion of LGBTQ + and disability and disease to tell the full story of Demut in his historic home and studio. ”

The Demut Foundation, which consists of both the Demut Museum and the Lancaster Museum of Art, celebrates art in the Lancaster community. They offer educational programs and exhibits based on Demut, as well as exhibitions of local talented artists.

The grant was part of the National Endowment for the Humanities, funded by the 2021 U.S. Rescue Plan.

For more information, visit demuth.org.

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